Sunday, 20 September 2015

I'm really quite concerned
i started this job with the intention of making money
and that was it
i decided a couple of shifts in that i wasn't going to partake in the immense about of gossip that spreads around that place like wildfire
i learnt quickly that the place is crazy incestrial with there being lots of staff couples
also lots of staff that have hooked up and stuff
i decided that there was no chance i would get involved with anyone because it would cause nothing but conflict at work
which i obviously don't want
what i didnt take into consideration was the fact that maybe someone who is engaged might decide to fancy me and make it quite clear in messages but never to my face
when we're actually together we just chat and it seems so so normal 
but then as soon as we're separated it turns to fb messages that give me a strong impression he is somewhat interested even though he is engaged 
so why on earth is he doing this 
and what the hell am i meant to do about it

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