Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I've been to the cinema a bit recently
I've seen Spooks with the fit Jon Snow in
I thought the film was average 
But i'm not fussed for spy stuff
I obviously only went to see it cause of Kit Harrington
Same reason i put myself through Pompeii (the film, not the disaster)
He looked weird in skinny jeans

Errm I've seen Pitch Perfect 2 
Which was a laugh as expected
But i was Ser Grumps-a-lot that day so i bet i find it funnier when it comes out and i rewatch it

But the best film i've seen was Mad Max
It was crazy good
And mental
And insane
The whole thing just blew my mind and i just wanna watch it again and again and again
I went to see it with Jordan and I was a bit like meh when he suggested it but any excuse to hang with Jordan will do nicely
But i'm so freaking glad he did

Oooo also Game of Thrones, getting closer to the end of season five now :( 
Giddy for the finale though
Gonna be killer

Ermmm I watched Saw 5 at my sisters the other day and i realised that Luke from Gilmore Girls was in it!! Never noticed that before 

I watched a film called Afflicted on Netflix cause Dani told me it was garbage and she proper wasn't lying
About a poorly lad going on a world trip with his pal before he gets too ill to do it and turns into a vampire
Thats literally the whole story so don't bother watching it
Save yourself two hours of your life

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