Tuesday, 26 May 2015

another thing I've done whilst radio silent was crafting
of course
i  made my mum a mothers day card and ash a i miss you card

because i can't be bothered to turn it the right way round because its 11 o'clock
i'll just tell you it says 'I miss you more than a squirrel misses its nuts after it buries then and forgets where' 
but obviously i put two R's in buries cause I'm a dickhead
but she didn't seem to notice i don't think

it was also my nephews birthday and chloes birthday while i've been blog free
and because I'm a master crafter i make my own wrapping paper
the top one with the cats was for chloes present
which was an ice watch
and the second one with all the love hearts on was for my nephew
he got the hobbit cause thats all he wanted (Y)
it was my brothers birthday as well after them twos and i bought him a mug that had Lionel on it and his hair was a rich tea biscuit and it said Lionel Richtea and i laughed a lot in TK Maxx so i had to buy him it

 another thing is that a girl i know from high school called leanne asked me to make her some wrapping paper
and she said she'd pay me to do it
so technically I'm a professional wrapping paper maker now but i don't wanna blow my own horn
she asked for a sheet with penguins and stars on
another with unicorns n that on
and then asked for another with birds on and one goat
which baffled me but who am i to question it
moneys money so i goated it up
I'm feeling pretty good about it really 
i mean my backs in bits but i feel happy and a little proud that i somehow turned a hobby into a money making scheme
granted I've only got one customer but better than making it for no reason

i need to design some for abbie and jordans birthday presents now
i also need to buy the presents...

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