Thursday, 5 February 2015

i've just read an article about the narnia chronicles and the guy who wrote the article said that the silver chair was truly the worst of the collection

why bother making a film out of it??
why not leave it at the four kids from the three movies and leave eustace and jill out of it

because of the last battle
meant to be a life changing book and all this stuff so he says
and they'll probably make a film out of that too cause i bet eustace and jill are in that n all
let me check
'Jill and Eustace are called to Narnia once more,…' - The Last Battle

I just don't know how Eustace and Jill are gonna even compare to Peter Susan Edmund and Lucy
actually peter and susan did my fucking head in
so really just Edmund and Lucy
I dunno if they'll do it for me

i need to read them all right now!!
and i need the collectors editions but they're relatively expensive god damn it

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