Thursday, 15 January 2015

when jordan asked me what i wanted for christmas i said i wanted something that reminds me of when i was little
which is tricky cause i was just being awkward really 
and he did a bit of Facebook stalking
and he found this picture:
this is me being all adorable when i was small and my grandma knitted me that cardigan cause she's like a pro knitter or something (was clearly too small for me cause the sleeves are half way up my arms!) 
and because jordan is insanely acema, my christmas present is this: (i only got it on tuesday cause he was in a car accident and I've not seen him since the hospital (also it took him forever to make))
its so brilliant i love it more than sky rim
speaking of sky rim heres a picture of my playing sky rim in the jumper:
he always gets me way better presents than i get him
his present game is so chuffin high

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