Wednesday, 3 December 2014

if you are reading this
and you have dogs
then i imagine that you can appreciate when i say my dogs do my absolute head in
their constant barking
their love to fight each other
how they always have to share your food but you go anywhere near their food bowl and its practically blasphemy 
how they love to chew everything including your shoes and the chairs at the breakfast bar
they love sharing their dog hair all over the house 
their need to roll in fox shit every time you walk them
my list goes on
and I'm sure you have lots of your own stories
they are the most annoying creatures in existence 
but it wouldn't matter if they did this stuff all day everyday because you still love them unconditionally
even when you stand in their puddle of piss in the middle of the kitchen floor
you still love them whilst you hop to your room to find a new sock
they're like your children really
just a very stinky very hairy version
so when they disappear and manage to somehow escape you can't help but feel devastated 
and heartbroken
and a little bit lost when you go into the kitchen and expect 2 yappy little dogs to be licking your toes to the point of you feeling a bit sick

come home my gorgeous boys :(

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