Wednesday, 12 November 2014

i hung out with jordan today
i haven't just mooched round town with him for ages
and i liked it
mostly because we had a burger king though

its half seven on the 12th of november
why the fuck is something letting fireworks off?
argh this village makes no sense
my dogs don't like them

i bought some wrapping paper today
but its from prim ark so its so wank its offensive to the eyes
(i love the pattern its just it scratched off really easily and then looks very cheap. which it was, but you still expect better)
jordan says it looks like a barbers
blood and bandages
little less festive now so i wrapped his presents in it muahaha

not too bad if i do sat so myself
i also slid a candy cane in there cause he's never had one (!!!)
i bought that ribbon today and used it all already
jordans my mums and the tiniest bit on danis

candy canes are a must on all presents

this is me mams
looks small
because it is
but she didn't want much
(there are earrings in there in my defence)

this one is danis
i did a weird little knot thing to connect the two green stripy ribbons and I'm genuinely proud of it

i think it looks right good
i also used string to make that other little present stay there
and i must say it
this gift wrapping is a skill that i possess
gonna add it to my cv
then take it off my cv again when i look at poor abbies present
cause it looks rubbish
but i tried loads of stuff
and i can't make it look good!
oh god it looks worst on screen..
bare with me
*5 minutes pass*
thats as best as i can do it
and i know the small presents lines don't line up with the big present and I'm sorry okay!?
I've got no ribbon left to do anything fancy so it'll do
she'd be happy with it if it was wrapped in a carrier bag to be fair
efforts there

although I've been wrapping presents
in my christmas jumper 
wearing my christmas turkey hat
i'm not feeling overly festive
the only other thing i could do would be to watch elf but even i think its too soon for that
and i don't wanna over watch it like i nearly did last year

i better tidy my bed
theres ribbon and paper and tape and scissors and presents all over the place
i'm asking for an accident here

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