Friday, 28 November 2014

i think I've figured it out
my body just loves life so much it never wants to sleep
even when i have to get up for work then go and babysit
and i could really do with getting some sleep
i just keep yawning but they're empty yawns
like they aren't real ones
now i can't stop yawning cause i keep typing yawn
now I'm hungry
thats not gonna help is it
bloody hell
thank god i have a good dvd collection or id have pulled my eyelids off by now
maybe i should do that actually
cause then the loss of blood might make me pass out and i'd actually get some sleep
lucozade poison and sausage butty for me in the morning
if i manage to drag myself from my suddenly uncomfortable bed
tenner bets its the most comfy thing in the world come morning time
i hate that stupid logic

by the way i started printing on wrapping paper

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