Friday, 17 October 2014

day #24

i went to leeds and met up with sam and dani and it was proper lovely
and me and sam got a bit drunk and dani stayed so good on her diet pepsis
then me and dani got a train to xscape and met up with tim and hugh and james

was just over all a really nice day!

for dani (these are just a few selected favs):
"We should swap clothes at one point"
"You make me hard I dream about fucking you regularly. You always have a pretty smile and hot eyes even in a fleece"
"I am a full blown steak eating man"
"I'm taking you up to the bedroom for a jolly good rodgering"
"You promise me knickers coming off you can have whatever you want"
"Would you want to lose your 'V' to me? In the back of the cinema just for the bants"
"You look like you have soft hands"
"Am I allowed to have sex with you?"
"I had an actual dream about us two last night about you sweeping stuff up and rabbits and being underwater"
"I fancied you before everyone else did"
"I might hold your hand and skip"
"Do you think I could beat you in a dance off?"
"I'd probably lick your teeth"
"We should be together, in a fleece wonderland. Your lips and my lips"

enjoy those D Dawg

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