Friday, 17 October 2014

its 01:46
and i cannot sleep
i've watched the second half of the lorax i missed last night
now I've put on charlie and the chocolate factory (tim burton one obvs)
and i don't know why 
but i just cannot sleep
it was the same last night
i just put that down to alcohol
but I've not had any alcohol tonight
so what is going on

i had a shower before i went to bed
so maybe thats it

augustus gloop has just fallen in the chocolate river

i wouldn't mind if i didn't have to get up for work again tomorrow
but i do
and i already can't be arsed to do that
never mind if i get no sleep

i must say that the augustus gloop song is my favourite
the dancing is wicked
although i think mike teavee is too cool
i think he should be a bit more nerdy or something
his hair is cool and he's right serious, it doesn't seem right to me
everyone else though is proper spot on
charlie and grandpa joe are perfect
so is veruca salt actually
don't you think charlie looks like james from james and the giant peach
proper reminds me of him
i googled it though, its not the same boy unfortunately 
when willy wonka is calling them all short on the seahorse boat
that bits well funny

i suppose i could carry on christmas shopping 
but i don't really want to spend anymore money today
ordered jordans present finally
thank god i waited cause i got a 25% coupon email from them which was spot on
but now I'm under budget for him
so i might have to get him something else
but god knows what

the only bad thing about starting your christmas shopping so early is i've got no where to keep it until it is christmas and time to wrap everything
i have to wrap everything at the same time
or i get out of sync
and forget
and its the best part of christmas
i need to buy ribbons

i'm thinking on monday i could go get my hair cut then start getting chloes stuff for her present
i'm gonna get none of it online so the postage doesn't go into her budget so i can get as much as humanly possible within budget
everyone has the same budget
which makes it fair
and so i can afford christmas

violet is turning into a blueberry at present
this song is my least favourite
or the veruca song
its a close call
but this one has willy wonka doing funny dancing
and the oompa lumpa's outfits are mint
"They're gonna squeeze her, like a little pimple!" hahaha
"Once again you're beginning to mumble and it's really starting to bum me out" So much hate for mike teavee its hilarious 

it's now 02:09
this is not ma best!

i think the screen of the laptop is making my eyes tired
thank god
i'm gonna try again

wish me luck

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