Monday, 27 October 2014

my apologises (mostly to chloe) for not bloggin in a bit
not been in the mood
I've been miserable for pretty much no reason
but you know

I've not really been doing much 
cause I'm boring

practised my make up for halloween
 didn't realise the blood would stain so much
the bottom half of my face looks like a burn victims

might read 
or play sky rim
got a face mask on to try n get the red off
doubt it will work
meant to be going to the pub later
lots of foundation me thinks

*15 minutes later*

face mask worked
i have normal skin again
the face mask came off pink though
like it when you can see results!

if you haven't guessed already I'm not finishing 100 days of happy
cannot be arsed 

because I've already bought my christmas cards 
and theres only 20 of them
i need to write a list
of who will be getting one
cause I'm that sad

biggest spot in the world on my nose
im not kidding when i say it could take over my face
although i stabbed it with my super sharp nail this morning and it bled for ages and it does feel a lot smaller but its still super bright red
dunno what it is 
but a lately I've broke out in spots
i didn't get them when i was a teenager when it was okay to get them
oh nooooooo
I've got to get them now
and i have no idea what to do with them 

might practise my nails for halloween too

bored of this bye

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