Sunday, 7 September 2014

i just cannot fathom how she is just so fucking ungrateful

she gets a car from the car people and the monthly repayments are sky high
so our dad gets a loan out in his name because her credit is so pathetic and pays it off for her
and tells her to pay him back monthly in lower amounts so her and her fella can afford it

and he said to me the other day that she'd not paid august month yet so could i tell her cause she's more chance of listening to me 
he also made some jokes about how he's gonna take her car off her and stuff

baring in mind my mum and dad will be paying this loan off monthly as well

so i said to her fella today that dad mentioned they'd not paid augusts 
and he said oh yeah I've got it at flat i'll give you it when i take you home later

and as MIC NYC finished i think steph said something about my mum n dad and stu remembered he needed to give me that money
while steph sits there with her confused face on
so i just say its augusts money for me dad
then lightheartedly i said he was gonna take your car off you so good job he's getting it


and she just flips saying why doesn't he just remind her if she hasn't paid it
well maybe because you never answer your phone or call them back

well i just genuinely forgot
well its not his job to chase you every month

yeah but he's the one who wants it
and i just couldn't stop myself
i told her that he's done her a favour by doing this and she should stop being so friggin ungrateful

then she said something nasty to me
and i told her i've not done owt so pack it in

and at that point she was past caring told me 'whatever' and stormed off to bed
then i had to get her fella to drive me home and we were both trying to not make it uncomfortable

its just fucking bullshit
I've never known anyone quite as ungrateful and selfish as she is
its fucking awful

she owes me a grand and I'm never ever gonna fucking see it
i might take half of her fucking wedding dress of her as well since i paid half
i paid for tea tonight as well but i don't get into a bitch fit about it
us three went out for tea the other night but i had to pay my own

you know
if they stopped going to the pub and buying alcohol all the time
or stopped smoking
or stopped going to malham
and she didn't dye her hair red when its THE worst colour for fading
and she told herself 'no maybe i don't need to spend over 100 quid for a temple spa starter kit because I'm never gonna get any fucking classes anyway and actually you barley make any money from it'
then maybe i'd see my money one day
but no, instead she does whatever she wants to do 
like going to leeds to the alchemist and buys 10 quid fucking cocktails

i'm literally at that point where i just think fuck her
she'd acting like a child and I'm sick to the teeth of having to act like the older sister

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