Tuesday, 30 September 2014

#9 off 100 days of happy

today i've seen my sister
drank apple juice which is my favourite of the juices
read a shit load of the third hunger games book today in preparation for the movie in november or whenever it is
my dad decided we're all going christmas shopping in faversham on november the 15th but that really is only to show us the graves we have to tend to when he dies.. don't ask
sam asked me to help him out on some of his work for his masters on october 16th which i'm really looking forward to cause i haven't seen sam in TIME and i haven't done anything somewhat creative in absolutely ages so it'll be awesome

chapter 16 selfie

sorry! yesterdays 100 days of happy
day #8

i had a lovely day yesterday and was super upbeat for some reason
work was fun and i had a good time
my boss is finding me more hours cause they really don't want me to leave
i had chinese buffet 
did pub quiz
lost pub quiz but who cares
had a laugh with dani and james
and it was the final day before we all have to eat good and not be super naughty!

supper goofy selffffs

Sunday, 28 September 2014

100 days of happy
day #7 

played skyrim
about to have a bath
gonna read the hunger games mocking jay book for when the movie comes out
eaten lots of chocolate
mum and dad came back so i officially no longer have to look after the dogs!
told dad about smokey attacking a puppy and he didn't have a go at me

redo nails or not to redo nails
thats the only question that matters really though

no selfie
look like absolute death
ill and all

Saturday, 27 September 2014

oh lord above give me strength!
i cannot breathe at all 
my nose is well and truly bunged up with nastiness
i need a thorougher declogging stat!

super sad face
#6 i think

got a free coffee at nero's thanks to their loyalty card thing they do
finished moving the shoes about at work
learning how to be a plumber

only bad thing is I'm totally full of cold

Friday, 26 September 2014

Gawdddd i'm being miserable today
was miserable last night

moody cow

day #5 i believe of 100 days of happy
going out for tea with james and dani (if they ever turn up) 
had a day off which was a nice change of pace this week
pretty much done naff all all day
been luxurious 

doing a dani on that bottom one

i wish someone would just make me some pancakes
but my only friends are my dogs and i don't want hairy pancakes
some of these
not all
but some are actually pretty funny

Thursday, 25 September 2014

#4 of 100 days of happy

i have two clean and less stinky dogs so they are now allowed back into the living room for cuddles 

also i'm about to do my nails with my new mustard coloured barry m nail polish which is crazy gorgeous
watching lots of shitty tele
can stay up as late as i want (or as i dare)
and i'm applying for jobs

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

day #3 of 100 days of happy

bake offs on tonight
although it will no longer be a happy occasion if martha goes

so i will say that I've done a lot of exercise at work today so that means i can eat badness


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

sounds about right!
100 days of happy
Day #2

Spent lots of time with my sister today
Even if it didn't end too great

Selfie in my new hoodie

Monday, 22 September 2014

Day #1 selfie

100 days of happy 
Day #1.1
My boss gave me a free bag, a free pair of ear phones and a free vans zip up hoodie because she's mint

And I've just had the longest bath ever and I look like a prune
Fuck it
Gonna do 100 days of happy

Everyone else is
So why not

DAY #1
Stayed late at work today but I actually didn't mind doing it
Lovely, very funny customer

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I can't decide whether these look tacky or quite cool
I think I'm more swayed to cool than tacky
And I've bought new nail glue now so I guess I have to wear them

I think I will
But I am allowed to change my mind last minute

do you like my watch?
it's the most yellow thing i've ever seen



Saturday, 13 September 2014

the question is do i love this jacket enough to spend 41 whole english pounds on it?
if so i really need to pay my boss

Sunday, 7 September 2014

i just cannot fathom how she is just so fucking ungrateful

she gets a car from the car people and the monthly repayments are sky high
so our dad gets a loan out in his name because her credit is so pathetic and pays it off for her
and tells her to pay him back monthly in lower amounts so her and her fella can afford it

and he said to me the other day that she'd not paid august month yet so could i tell her cause she's more chance of listening to me 
he also made some jokes about how he's gonna take her car off her and stuff

baring in mind my mum and dad will be paying this loan off monthly as well

so i said to her fella today that dad mentioned they'd not paid augusts 
and he said oh yeah I've got it at flat i'll give you it when i take you home later

and as MIC NYC finished i think steph said something about my mum n dad and stu remembered he needed to give me that money
while steph sits there with her confused face on
so i just say its augusts money for me dad
then lightheartedly i said he was gonna take your car off you so good job he's getting it


and she just flips saying why doesn't he just remind her if she hasn't paid it
well maybe because you never answer your phone or call them back

well i just genuinely forgot
well its not his job to chase you every month

yeah but he's the one who wants it
and i just couldn't stop myself
i told her that he's done her a favour by doing this and she should stop being so friggin ungrateful

then she said something nasty to me
and i told her i've not done owt so pack it in

and at that point she was past caring told me 'whatever' and stormed off to bed
then i had to get her fella to drive me home and we were both trying to not make it uncomfortable

its just fucking bullshit
I've never known anyone quite as ungrateful and selfish as she is
its fucking awful

she owes me a grand and I'm never ever gonna fucking see it
i might take half of her fucking wedding dress of her as well since i paid half
i paid for tea tonight as well but i don't get into a bitch fit about it
us three went out for tea the other night but i had to pay my own

you know
if they stopped going to the pub and buying alcohol all the time
or stopped smoking
or stopped going to malham
and she didn't dye her hair red when its THE worst colour for fading
and she told herself 'no maybe i don't need to spend over 100 quid for a temple spa starter kit because I'm never gonna get any fucking classes anyway and actually you barley make any money from it'
then maybe i'd see my money one day
but no, instead she does whatever she wants to do 
like going to leeds to the alchemist and buys 10 quid fucking cocktails

i'm literally at that point where i just think fuck her
she'd acting like a child and I'm sick to the teeth of having to act like the older sister

Friday, 5 September 2014

Monday, 1 September 2014

put my mime mask on my 5 year old nephew and it freaks me out so much