Friday, 1 August 2014

I'm baby sitting my niece and nephew
And they were put to bed before my brother n his bird left
And Isla usually cries a few times cause she's dropped her dummy
Dylan usually shouts me up a lot to talk dinosaurs or to ask to watch another dvd

At one point I thought Isla was crying so I went upstairs to take her bottle off her and put her dummy in and it wasn't even Isla it was Boo from Monsters Inc crying on Dylans dvd

Proper threw me!

Then Dylan called me into his room and we spoke of cats and how much we both lurve sleep and such.

Neither of them have made another peep really
Crazy good tonight these two

Not used to it

Whats better is I get to watch The Lego Movie and Bad Grandpa and eat whatever food I want 
Which involves half a big bar of mint aero and a packet of McCoys bacon crisps. 

I'm so tired I might fall asleep before they get back 
They left around 7 and its 10 past 10 now

They said they won't be back late!!

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