Monday, 18 August 2014

a while ago i posted that dan dan the super star was buying me and james presents cause we're lovely and such
and james' came ages ago
but we were waiting on mine and it was literally killing me and i couldn't handle it any longer
and i nearly got it out of james once but then i felt bad like i should wait and i did
i did so well

but anyway
james got a map of westeros which is crazy cool but i got two presents cause mine was cheaper and dan wanted to make the value even up
so mine are as follows: 

i love stuff like this
pen drawings on book pages are literally what i go crazy for
she knows me so well
but my main picture is just,
i mean, i love this one,
but my main one
oh em gee
i'm being super serial guys

its timmy b!!!
shit picture i admit
can't really appreciate the full amazingness of the work 
believe you me i'm in love
real love

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