Sunday, 3 August 2014

So you know on wednesday when i was in the car accident
just a little bump really

and i said that i had a bruised leg and a big ass lump on it

the lump was crazy prominent
like, you could see it through my jeans it was that big
but it was really annoying cause if i sat down it killed
or if i touched it
or when i pulled my jeans on and whilst wearing them

really painful 
but i didn't have a bruise

it was obviously bruised but it hadn't gone purple, yellow, blue or green
and i was a bit disappointed cause thats really what i wanted from this

but every day since i've started getting a bruise
and it was tiny the first day
then it got bigger and bigger
and now the lump is not as rock hard anymore but still there a bit

but my fucking bruise
it's crazy big now!
i somehow managed to twist my body like i was playing twister on my bed this morning and took a picture
had to be so close up because if not you'd see my bum and erm no
and the thumb had to be included for scale cause the bruise on its own just wasn't good enough

how proper disgusting is that!!

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