Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Went to see Transformers on Friday
And well,
I went for a wee cause the film was effin dire
Just read this

Answers to the FAQ
1. Yes it did land in my wee
2. Yes I did put my hand in
3. What else was I meant to do?

Not only did I then have to go back into the screen and watch the rest of the film, I had to tell James that this happened cause he knew something had cause I put my head down in shame like when a dog has eaten your favourite pants

Wanna know whats even more soul destroying?
Thats not the first throw I've dropped in the toilet

I'm literally thick enough to do it twice and even today when iI was at work it nearly happened again 

So now to get me through til November when my upgrade is due I'm using this

Your inbox gets full really quick
Which isn't ideal for me cause I'm a constant texter cause I'm like, soops popular totes
But it does have Snake 2
And no internet so I can actually appreciate the outdoors when I'm out instead of always wondering if anyone has liked my obviously hilarious and witty status

Might just keep it forever
Change to a sim only plan

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