Monday, 21 July 2014

on friday night me chloe and james all went and followed dani on her date

i should say now that she met this guy online and if any of us meet anyone online then we have to follow the date to make sure he's not a complete and utter lunatic or rapist
safety first

so they went to tgi fridays so we went to tgi fridays
im not a great fan of tgi's tbh 
i think its overpriced for what it is and there isn't a great deal of choice 
same food you can get anywhere but they think its okay to charge what they do

i had a pudding
in fact we ordered like four or five (genuinely can't remember which) and shared em

(this diet is going cracking btw..) 

then they went to the cinema to see The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
longest film title ever
but we didn't know whether they were going for the 2D or the 3D so i was getting in a flutter

they went for the 3D one
she finally checked her phone n text us back
she was too busy buying the BIGGEST tub of ice cream that she didn't even eat

really good film
defs recommend 

ps. dani enjoyed her date very much
he figured out we were following them cause we're not subtle AT ALL
no raping involved


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