Tuesday, 8 July 2014

i don't remember what i did on each day
i forgot to write it down
so instead of going through day by day I'm just gonna show you everything that happened all at once

I dyed my hair before going to London and the box was called "Darkest Brown"
It's fucking black but whatever
but when i washed my hair the shittiest tinniest towel in the world ended up going purple when i was drying it
Absolutely no sense made there
Not to me anyway

I found Sandras arm in my rucksack once I'd got to my room
And I know everyone hates it
So I put it on top of my shelves and made it look like someones creeping over to see

We got a subway on day for dinner n ate it in the shady bit of the park opposite james' hotel
There were two guys with their shirts off stood, not talking, but tensing, so i guess they have their priorities right
A whole family stood infront of us as well and had their pictures taken
They wanted to snapshot whatever we were leaning on but I wasn't moving for nowt

Thursday was vintage market day that me joe and james happened to stumble across
Which might have been my favourite thing about london
There was sooooo much stuff
And theres always one stall with really old cameras and the guy that runs it just makes shit up about cameras to try and make a sale but its so obvious he's full of shit it turns
Joe bought a polaroid for his girlfriend because she's always wanted one
And i bought a deer skull with only one horn
2 stamps, one motorbike, one goat
5 glass slides for old projectors n stuff but I wanna use em in the darkroom but then i realised that i don't go to college anymore so i don't have access to a darkroom but il make one one day n play around then

Some pictures from the gallery
Chloe and her work
A girl called Sara in the jellyfish costume she made 
My work on the wall
And a blurry picture of my business cards

The top one is of me and Joni
He'd been out all night like a dirty stop out he is and he was proper knackered so everyone kept doing stuff to him
I took a selfie with him
Not shown him so shhhh
Then the picture below is of Chrissy on her own outside playing the gayest game ever
Bubble Witch Saga
Nerd face

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