Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Went to Scarborough with James and Dani yesterday

and i decided that i really really incredibly needed to get my sister a headband with her name on
cause we used to have them when we were small
so it would be amazing
proof i had one when i was small:

so it took me a couple of shops to find them
and i literally only found one shop
they do pens and notebooks and fucking place mats with your name on
no problem
a headband though
must be ten times harder or sommet or they're trying to get rid of the one thing i remember from being small!

i bought us one each
so we can be twinnies 
cause we should have been

proof i bought them:

unfortunately they don't do Reb and Weph so Rebecca and Stephanie will have to do

I might wear it to work on Friday lol

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