Tuesday, 29 July 2014

hit the 2000 blog views mark :)
mother fucking whoop whoop
Went to Scarborough with James and Dani yesterday

and i decided that i really really incredibly needed to get my sister a headband with her name on
cause we used to have them when we were small
so it would be amazing
proof i had one when i was small:

so it took me a couple of shops to find them
and i literally only found one shop
they do pens and notebooks and fucking place mats with your name on
no problem
a headband though
must be ten times harder or sommet or they're trying to get rid of the one thing i remember from being small!

i bought us one each
so we can be twinnies 
cause we should have been

proof i bought them:

unfortunately they don't do Reb and Weph so Rebecca and Stephanie will have to do

I might wear it to work on Friday lol

Went to see Transformers on Friday
And well,
I went for a wee cause the film was effin dire
Just read this

Answers to the FAQ
1. Yes it did land in my wee
2. Yes I did put my hand in
3. What else was I meant to do?

Not only did I then have to go back into the screen and watch the rest of the film, I had to tell James that this happened cause he knew something had cause I put my head down in shame like when a dog has eaten your favourite pants

Wanna know whats even more soul destroying?
Thats not the first throw I've dropped in the toilet

I'm literally thick enough to do it twice and even today when iI was at work it nearly happened again 

So now to get me through til November when my upgrade is due I'm using this

Your inbox gets full really quick
Which isn't ideal for me cause I'm a constant texter cause I'm like, soops popular totes
But it does have Snake 2
And no internet so I can actually appreciate the outdoors when I'm out instead of always wondering if anyone has liked my obviously hilarious and witty status

Might just keep it forever
Change to a sim only plan

Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunday, 27 July 2014

our bob does not leave me alone if I'm sat down in the garden
which is rare
because as you can see
i'm hella pale
but i thought i will cause the dogs were on a walk 
and then they came home but i didn't know
and they both stormed right towards me and knocked me laptop about and jumped on me and licked me to a slobbery grave

if he wasn't somehow incredibly adorable me and him wouldn't be buddies

cause dan hasn't got a job n the job centre takes ages and me and james always want to see her we offer to pay for her, because whats money for if not to spend it?

and she told us that she was so grateful for us being so generous and nice and whatever that she was gonna take us out one day once she'd been paid to say thank you
which is incredibly sweet of her cause she knows she doesn't have to

then she changed her mind and we pulled up at hers and she told us that she's not taking us out for the day she's bought us presents instead

if you know me you would know that i am a special breed of impatient
like impatient on steroids
and when people say they know something about someone but they aren't allowed to tell me
i'm willing to risk friendships to find stuff out when they tell me i can't know
its like I'm still a teenager

no you can't do that
well now i defs wanna do it don't i?!

she won't tell us what the presents are but i got a clue out of her
mine is tim burton related but NOT tragic toys
and we sort of assumed james and me were getting the same thing but alas!
his present is game of thrones related and i just need to pissing know right now its driving me mad

i've been trying not to think about it but when you tell yourself to stop thinking about it its like you can't think of anything other than that thing you're not meant to be thinking about to save your own life

you might have seen the other day when i posted that thing about tim burtons tragic toys for girls and boys on ebay and blah blah
well i bought some
dunno if i told you that bit
but i did
and they came the other day
but because i work all the time i don't have time to sit ant blog and pinterest for hours 
which is a shame
but i've found the time today

here they are!

i bought a three pack because it turned out cheaper in the long run to do so and i really wanted stain boy so to find a three pack with stain boy in was basically fate telling me to just fucking do it

so in order here are my beautiful toys
stain boy
robot boy
and the girl with many eyes


Today on the 27th of July, 2014, my baby niece, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen turned one!
One year old
Do you know what that means?
She's not a baby anymore
She can walk about
And understands what you're saying
She can say Dada for pete's sake!

You know when you look at a person and you're heart melts and you're just warm inside because you're just full of unconditional love for them?
That's Isla
Just perfection

We went to Rotherham for a picnic and there was kids parks and a massive fountain everyone kept going in and getting drenched
Like the fountain on the bullring at wakey, 
except not so low class

There were tonnes of us there
Me steph stu mia mum dad mic phill isla dylan dale roxanne coby todd dexter emma pete jodie dan layla and darcy
And for the first time since ever, all of us together was just amazing
No one argued
No one felt awkward
We just had fun and played cricket and ate picnics

I took like, 90 odd pictures but these are my favourites

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

love how my blog decides to put my posts wherever it wants

nah blogger didn't want my posts in order! don't worry your sen

blogger, pah, more like blagger
i did two more quizzes because i really didn't wanna be in sylitherin
i did and another one i don't remember which was like, over 100 (126 if i remember correctly but i might not have) questions long that was a right ball ache
and they both gave me hufflepuff
still not raven claw but i like hufflepuff colours better anyway
yeah so abbie came over
you might know her
book reviewer and author of this ere book:
looked at some peculiar tweets and planned stuff
we might work together again
who knows
lets see what fate says


Monday, 21 July 2014

on friday night me chloe and james all went and followed dani on her date

i should say now that she met this guy online and if any of us meet anyone online then we have to follow the date to make sure he's not a complete and utter lunatic or rapist
safety first

so they went to tgi fridays so we went to tgi fridays
im not a great fan of tgi's tbh 
i think its overpriced for what it is and there isn't a great deal of choice 
same food you can get anywhere but they think its okay to charge what they do

i had a pudding
in fact we ordered like four or five (genuinely can't remember which) and shared em

(this diet is going cracking btw..) 

then they went to the cinema to see The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
longest film title ever
but we didn't know whether they were going for the 2D or the 3D so i was getting in a flutter

they went for the 3D one
she finally checked her phone n text us back
she was too busy buying the BIGGEST tub of ice cream that she didn't even eat

really good film
defs recommend 

ps. dani enjoyed her date very much
he figured out we were following them cause we're not subtle AT ALL
no raping involved


Saturday, 19 July 2014

pottermore is confusing and full of kids getting mad at each other

might as well just use Facebook
same shit
because i am a new fan to harry potter i thought i'd join pottermore to see what house i would be in
i wanted raven claw if I'm being honest

but nope
instead i get this


Friday, 18 July 2014

absolutely in love with this

for every birthday and christmas for the rest of my life or until i own them all
i would like my loved ones to buy me a tim burton tragic toy please
easily found on ebay and i imagine amazon too
i have bid on a three pack of stain boy robot boy and the girl with many eyes

i desperately want stick boy and match girl

if any of you really loved me you would buy me the deluxe edition of this book if you could find it
burtons site is out of stock but there is one on ebay
its signed and everything so i need it

someone be a doll

Thursday, 17 July 2014

got my dad to pick me up from the bus station cause i don't have any buses after 7 o'clock and the one to the next village was gonna be half hour n i feel like dog trumps and on the way home we saw his friend kieth at the side of the road. his STEAM PUNK MOTORBIKE had broken down so we put it in the back of my dads tranny van and took it home for him but it is literally the coolest thing I've ever seen and if id have had my camera i could share the aceness but i didn't and I'm sorry

Monday, 14 July 2014


Like unnecessary drama?

Want a mother that never has your back?

Want a brother that is 12 years older than you that you have no connection with?

Want a dad that loves to argue with you when you've done nothing wrong?

Well gather round ladies and gentlemen cause you are in luck!
This 3 piece set is going for the amazing cheap price of


Comment if you are interested and I will ship them to you free of charge
free of charge

Act fast cause this is an offer that isn't gonna sit about!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

as soon as i came home my mum said she'd bought me a mask
i was thinking sommet horrible n scary
but alas it was this
it's sweet cause the thought was there and i was looking at these types of masks in london

the more i look at it the more i like it i think

Sandra clawing for air
She doesn't like suitcases

Please note that YES i am wearing cow socks

i don't remember what i did on each day
i forgot to write it down
so instead of going through day by day I'm just gonna show you everything that happened all at once

I dyed my hair before going to London and the box was called "Darkest Brown"
It's fucking black but whatever
but when i washed my hair the shittiest tinniest towel in the world ended up going purple when i was drying it
Absolutely no sense made there
Not to me anyway

I found Sandras arm in my rucksack once I'd got to my room
And I know everyone hates it
So I put it on top of my shelves and made it look like someones creeping over to see

We got a subway on day for dinner n ate it in the shady bit of the park opposite james' hotel
There were two guys with their shirts off stood, not talking, but tensing, so i guess they have their priorities right
A whole family stood infront of us as well and had their pictures taken
They wanted to snapshot whatever we were leaning on but I wasn't moving for nowt

Thursday was vintage market day that me joe and james happened to stumble across
Which might have been my favourite thing about london
There was sooooo much stuff
And theres always one stall with really old cameras and the guy that runs it just makes shit up about cameras to try and make a sale but its so obvious he's full of shit it turns
Joe bought a polaroid for his girlfriend because she's always wanted one
And i bought a deer skull with only one horn
2 stamps, one motorbike, one goat
5 glass slides for old projectors n stuff but I wanna use em in the darkroom but then i realised that i don't go to college anymore so i don't have access to a darkroom but il make one one day n play around then

Some pictures from the gallery
Chloe and her work
A girl called Sara in the jellyfish costume she made 
My work on the wall
And a blurry picture of my business cards

The top one is of me and Joni
He'd been out all night like a dirty stop out he is and he was proper knackered so everyone kept doing stuff to him
I took a selfie with him
Not shown him so shhhh
Then the picture below is of Chrissy on her own outside playing the gayest game ever
Bubble Witch Saga
Nerd face