Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hello there good blog reader friends of the one and only REBWELLS!

This is her super awesome bestest friend of all time! Chloe.  Don't let anyone deceive you she really loves me the best!

I am sneakily on her blog as she is on OBLIVION! A game that I am truly rubbish at as we have just established for the 10000 time. I have the amazing skill of struggling to walk and see at the same time and when you add fighting into it instant death occurs. One day I may be able to join in the gaming craze but for now I am not.  REBWELLS however is amazing at it. She is like a BOSS! gets thought it all so easy making it look like a piece of piss.

I need to take the time to tell you all how amazing REBWELLS is. The other night she bought buyer and cocktails and it was bliss. apple and blue cocktails where the best thing ever however sting they where. You all need a friend like her.

I feel the need to show you my fantastic face!

This could be the worst photograph from a student , wait no i have a degree now! the worst photograph a graduate in photography can take! hehe got to leave my mark though.  And my hair what is that about hahahahahahahahaha.

I like that REBWELLS is completely engrossed on oblivion to notice hehehe. gotta love your bests. 
Remember all she is a wonderful and talented person and bogs so much better than me, why i don't blog. 

Peace out bloggers

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