Friday, 6 June 2014

Had a HORRIFIC dream
Well, I guess it would be a nightmare wouldn't it?

Now I don't know why dolls had to invite themselves into my safe little sleeping haven
But I fucking hate it

It was creeping me out and I ended up the only one in the house with these crazy ass dolls
I ended up covering one doll and myself in gasoline and lit a match
Ready to kill myself I was that freaked out
Sadly I didn't get to see if the doll burnt to ashes cause I woke up

There was a lot more to the dream but it was all a bit boring and irrelevant so I thought I'd save you the trouble

My sister used to have a dream book that told you what your dreams meant and all that
Dunno where it is now like
I wonder what it means when you dream of dolls and killing yourself


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