Monday, 9 June 2014

you know when you wake up late
and you're like
fuck, I've woke up late
then rush downstairs to feed the dogs cause they're howling and being loud
and then you think
well I'm not very tired so i'll just stay awake 
and get a shower
and you come back to your room and it's warm cause its decided to be sunny today
so you have to climb around your small, jam packed room 
to open the window and then you think
well, i'll just lie down for 5, just until i've woken up
so you're climbing back round 
and you're xbox controller wire gets stuck in-between your little and 4th toe
which btw happens often cause I'm stupid and don't move it
but today something terrible happens 
and it causes you to fall
and scrap your arm on your bookcase 
and your knee on the floor 
and makes you smash your head into the door

and for a moment you're silent and very still
waiting for the pain
but it doesn't come 
and you feel badman cause you managed to only hurt your toe a little bit and get a headache
which was expected
but in truths you're a twat cause you fell because of your xbox
which is ironic cause falling is probably the only exercise the xbox has made me do in at least a month

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