Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Pretty sure I've had multiple heart attacks
Alton Towers and my super scared of everything personality don't seem to get on too well

I'm scared of heights
Don't trust the construction or pathetic seat belts they use to strap you in
Hate the people you get in queues because they think it's a really good idea to spark up a spliff in the queue… they passed so many signs that say 'Do not smoke in the queueing area' so they were clearly illiterate

There were children in this queue never mind me and my friends
Pungent hobby

Either way,
We went on Nemesis
Air (just fucking hate it)
Nemesis raidy type thingy that was hilarious
Rita (broke down while we were queued up, also involved the low lifes that love the grass)
Then finally went on Oblivion

Sadly didn't have time to go on The Smiler but next time I'm starting on that one
No questions asked

We only went cause Dandan had never been before but she says she loved it so it made the fear and soiled underwear totally worth it!

Love ya D-Dawg

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