Sunday, 29 June 2014

you don't get smart puppies do ya?
my sister in law to be and my dad doing selfies at the pub
woe is me

Got ma bubble wrap from the garden centre down the road
20 metres long, 1.5 metres long…

Friday, 27 June 2014

£20 from taxman?
Lol thanks big spender!
found this picture at me granddads house hahahaha
me and my nephew todd looking crazy small and chubby!

primark do harry potter tshirts!
our steph has hogwarts and i have hufflepuff but if you see a raven claw one please tell me cause i'd much rather that

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bought a top today
it's got the slush puppie puppy on it 

My beautiful sister that I love so much head butted me whilst trying to give ma a hug yesterday and gave me a nose bleed

Not had a nose bleed in years

Love you too Steph
Went to my Granddads yesterday
Cause I had to pick a salt n pepper pot
Cause he was mental and collected shit tonnes of the things

I got through three boxes and was pulling my hair out
There was a lot of cows and sheeps and cars

I was about ready to leave without having one
Then I found these
How cool is that!!

Dad's already told me I'm not allowed to take them outside incase I scare people..
People must be thick as shit to think they're real

Monday, 23 June 2014

Let it be known that on the 23rd of June 2014 I started my wedding diet 
(sisters getting married not me, fuck that!) 
And I want to get down to a size 8 preferably
That's the dream
So I'm gonna keep my gym membership I've not used in forever
And Abbie is gonna be my gym buddy cause I don't have any motivation on my own

Even got a Pinterest board dedicated to it called 'Lose it'

Gonna be H.O.T.T hot!
My exhibition was quite boring actually
I saw my college photography teacher 
And my friends came
And it was Jordans birthday

I thought I'd lost a lot of my work but thankfully I didn't 

And it was red hot
I'm thinking London will be better


Thursday, 19 June 2014

This is Little Cat
She's fat
And not my cat thank christ
She hates me usually 
But since I'm house sitting I'm the only attention she gets
So I'm growing on her

She literally did a 180 degree turn when I turned the camera on

Think someones a little shy

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

One of these days I'll play the good guy
do people who view my blog
(guessing no one)
see like two words every now and then in green and underlined twice and when you hover over it, it says sommet about a survey?


just don't press it, okay?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Oh wait
Thinks it's just my computer

Classic RebWells strikes again
Got a virus on a mac by the looks

That even possible?
Pretty sure I've had multiple heart attacks
Alton Towers and my super scared of everything personality don't seem to get on too well

I'm scared of heights
Don't trust the construction or pathetic seat belts they use to strap you in
Hate the people you get in queues because they think it's a really good idea to spark up a spliff in the queue… they passed so many signs that say 'Do not smoke in the queueing area' so they were clearly illiterate

There were children in this queue never mind me and my friends
Pungent hobby

Either way,
We went on Nemesis
Air (just fucking hate it)
Nemesis raidy type thingy that was hilarious
Rita (broke down while we were queued up, also involved the low lifes that love the grass)
Then finally went on Oblivion

Sadly didn't have time to go on The Smiler but next time I'm starting on that one
No questions asked

We only went cause Dandan had never been before but she says she loved it so it made the fear and soiled underwear totally worth it!

Love ya D-Dawg

Monday, 16 June 2014

Just made a playlist for my iPod called 'Super Wicked Awesome Alton Towers Playlist'
Cause we're off to Alton Towers tomorrow 
And it's like over 4 hours long
And it doesn't take that long to get there and back
So it's wasted really isn't it

Got some amazing songs
True 90's classics
My brother and his family have gone to Haven (which I thought was one place, turns out its the company so Chloe says) and they asked me to house sit and look after the cat, Little Cat. So I am, just chilling, and the cat, who chuffin hates me, actually jumped up on the sofa, sat next to me and let me stroke her!
It was incredible 
Incredibly weird
people do my head in

Friday, 13 June 2014

James and me took dan dan to the dinosaur adventure golf place at xscape 
She bloody loved it
I lost obviously
James won
Dan got most holes in one and she won a free game on the 19th hole!

Bloody show offs

Thursday, 12 June 2014

my folks went away for a week
and came back in the earlyyyyyy hours on wednesday
and i didn't see my dad that day cause he went to work like the absolute trooper he is
and i've just still not seen him cause he's always in bed when i get in or I'm out when he's in and its just not been great
but i finally saw him tonight!
he was a bit drunk mind but why not right!
then he asked me if i want these boots that are carved out of coal that was my granddads before he died
so we went downstairs so i could look at it and i think it's the coolest thing ever!

pictures a bit dark but i love them
and i'm getting an old camera he had

glad i got something
Didn't go to the seaside 
Or have a picture with Hannah

Was a bit of a shoddy day actually

But don't fret! Cause I'm doing naff all tomorrow so being in all day doing whatever I want will make it better

sheepy's got the right idea

Looks like a sea side kind of day to me!

You guys get to meet my good friend Hannah
I'll post pictures up later
She's amazing
And crazy beautiful
And she's just so happy
Which makes me happy

Bring on the fish n chips and ice cream!

Monday, 9 June 2014

meow meow meow
no i don't want any spaghetti

This is what I'm talking about!
Old school costumes that are actually scary or funny and not women looking like sluts and men not making an effort! 

Larve number 10
That's what I want to go as for halloween

you know when you wake up late
and you're like
fuck, I've woke up late
then rush downstairs to feed the dogs cause they're howling and being loud
and then you think
well I'm not very tired so i'll just stay awake 
and get a shower
and you come back to your room and it's warm cause its decided to be sunny today
so you have to climb around your small, jam packed room 
to open the window and then you think
well, i'll just lie down for 5, just until i've woken up
so you're climbing back round 
and you're xbox controller wire gets stuck in-between your little and 4th toe
which btw happens often cause I'm stupid and don't move it
but today something terrible happens 
and it causes you to fall
and scrap your arm on your bookcase 
and your knee on the floor 
and makes you smash your head into the door

and for a moment you're silent and very still
waiting for the pain
but it doesn't come 
and you feel badman cause you managed to only hurt your toe a little bit and get a headache
which was expected
but in truths you're a twat cause you fell because of your xbox
which is ironic cause falling is probably the only exercise the xbox has made me do in at least a month

Sunday, 8 June 2014

absolutely hank marvin
but i can't go into the kitchen cause i'll wake the dogs up

what a world
what a world

Saturday, 7 June 2014

I think I have sciatica
which sucks
Went into work today and felt nothing
no negative energies
nothing freaked me out 
I was more than happy to go upstairs and actually do my job

Something definitely was in that place though
Tracy and Lisa agrees with me
You know
I knew there was sense in having a friend that did an English Degree
Never mind the fact she let me use one of her stories in my photography
Or the fact she would read through my essays for me before handing them in
The fact that she did an English degree made it so she would want to be a book reviewer
Meaning she gets books before the release date sometimes and gets them sent to her for free (not including postage)
So what does she do with this?
She gets me The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountain by Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by Eddie Campbell

Just cause she likes me and she can


Friday, 6 June 2014

cause I'm bored n it will help get over that

I will be looking at other peoples selfies and recreating them
to the best of my ability

Shouldn't be too hard 
And I have a lot to choose from
For the first time I'm grateful for having 400 Facebook friends

Not decided how often I'll be doing this and I apologise if you don't like the fact I've used your selfie but if you put a picture on Facebook you lose all the rights to it so really you should have done your homework if you were that bothered

Isobel Saunders
She takes a cracking selfie but I suppose it's easy when you're friggin gorgeous

My attempt without teddy bear, nose piercing and make up 

Think this is gonna be fun!
I feel another book coming along...

Had a HORRIFIC dream
Well, I guess it would be a nightmare wouldn't it?

Now I don't know why dolls had to invite themselves into my safe little sleeping haven
But I fucking hate it

It was creeping me out and I ended up the only one in the house with these crazy ass dolls
I ended up covering one doll and myself in gasoline and lit a match
Ready to kill myself I was that freaked out
Sadly I didn't get to see if the doll burnt to ashes cause I woke up

There was a lot more to the dream but it was all a bit boring and irrelevant so I thought I'd save you the trouble

My sister used to have a dream book that told you what your dreams meant and all that
Dunno where it is now like
I wonder what it means when you dream of dolls and killing yourself


Thursday, 5 June 2014

So did I tell you guys I bought tshirts with my name on?
Cause I totally did

New favourite top
Wish I'd of ordered an XXL for me and i could have used it as a tent

i like this


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hello there good blog reader friends of the one and only REBWELLS!

This is her super awesome bestest friend of all time! Chloe.  Don't let anyone deceive you she really loves me the best!

I am sneakily on her blog as she is on OBLIVION! A game that I am truly rubbish at as we have just established for the 10000 time. I have the amazing skill of struggling to walk and see at the same time and when you add fighting into it instant death occurs. One day I may be able to join in the gaming craze but for now I am not.  REBWELLS however is amazing at it. She is like a BOSS! gets thought it all so easy making it look like a piece of piss.

I need to take the time to tell you all how amazing REBWELLS is. The other night she bought buyer and cocktails and it was bliss. apple and blue cocktails where the best thing ever however sting they where. You all need a friend like her.

I feel the need to show you my fantastic face!

This could be the worst photograph from a student , wait no i have a degree now! the worst photograph a graduate in photography can take! hehe got to leave my mark though.  And my hair what is that about hahahahahahahahaha.

I like that REBWELLS is completely engrossed on oblivion to notice hehehe. gotta love your bests. 
Remember all she is a wonderful and talented person and bogs so much better than me, why i don't blog. 

Peace out bloggers