Thursday, 8 May 2014

Well well well
That was a module n half want it!

I had a brill time but lord above has it been stressful

I've gone through a lot of ideas in this module and it's a wonder I ever bloody picked one. Masks have been the plan since the beginning though so at least I had that. It was more the execution and meanings I was struggling with. When I finally linked it to my dissertation though it all came together. I struggled to make the fairytales less obvious at first, it was hard because I wanted people to know but I didn't want to just have it written on there. It was tricky finding the balance but once I decided to stick to my horror theme and make the fairy tales my own it was a heck of a lot easier. Although it was then hard to think of scenarios and meanings and what I was wanted to say. But I think I pulled it off. I just real life issues in a fictional scene. I wanted to make it look like a film still, so not perfect, not pin sharp, real looking. Like it's really happening. Like you feel there with the story. 
Because I was doing self portraiture, I used the masks to hide my identity and then create a whole new character by using them. I did self portraiture because I've never used models before and they often let you down and it's difficult to find replacements such last minute. Also, it's much more personal which I prefer. It wouldn't be the same if I had strangers acting out my work. Wouldn't do it for me. Because I've never done self portraiture before so that was super new and scary. I didn't know what to do and it was difficult for me to edit pictures of myself cause I was constantly criticising how I looked personally, not how the picture looked as a whole. To get over this I did the selfie challenge. I took a picture a day (most days) of myself and uploaded it to my blog. I would sometimes write things about that picture, sometimes I would just do work. It was whatever I was feeling. Sometimes I do them alone, sometimes I'd have 'special guests' appearing in them. Sometimes I was on the go but most of the time I was just in my bedroom. All depended what I was doing that day. I had to work it around my day, not work my day around my selfie. Because I wanted people to see these pictures I turned them into a book. I used Blurb because I'm so familiar with it now and comfortable. I chose the smallest book size Blurb offered because most of the images were taken using my MacBook so the quality wasn't there. Also because it's only a side project it didn't need to be too in your face and impressive. I named the book 'Selfs' because I HATE the word 'selfie'. I think it's tacky and over used and should not be in the English bloody dictionary. 
My frames were specially made by a company named 'Bevelo'. They are A2 frames with no mount as there isn't a mount on a film. I got a black frame that distresses to silver in the centre. They're beautiful. I love them! They cost £26 each but they look absolutely cracking with my images. Real moody and professional. I went to Bevelo last year for my exhibition frames. They were gorgeous too. Love them. Would definitely recommend them. Which I have, to at least 3 other students on my course. You're welcome Bevelo. I also have some of their business cards so will pin one to the noticeboard at college for future years. Cause I'm a sweetheart like that. 
I got feedback from 3 different photographers, Bella West, Chip Simons and Andy Snaith. They were all really lovely about there feedback and gave me a lot of constructive criticism that I really appreciated. Chip Simons is also the photographer that I decided to analyse. His work is so inspirational that I couldn't resist. 
I'm exhibiting my work in London and a few of us got on to publish our work and university course. It cost a wee bit of money but hopefully it will be worth it. 
I've entered the BIPP competition to tick that box and will be attending the event that we are throwing at our college. 
I've had a lot of stress during this module because unfortunately my Granddad died just before Easter. It was really hard but I had to stay positive. He's not in pain now and that's better for him. It was hard but I had to think of my degree and focus on what was going on. 
I think I've done quite well considering I'm usually up for at least 48 hours the night before but I've kept to my work and done bit by bit. My time management finally got better! Only took 3 years ;)
I'm so proud of my work and never want to stop photography. Ever.

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