Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Took our frames back on Friday around 4ish 
They said on the phone they were gonna give us new glass
Since the glass cleaner obviously wasn't working

We agreed to come pick them up on Monday morning at 9:30 
We get there and he says
"We've cleaned them thoroughly"
I could have cried
Fuck me 

What made all of this better is that he missed three of mine so I made him do them ones then and there
Get em back to college and Dani says its still on hers
Check mine
Still on mine

Rang him a-fucking-gain
All he could say is that he doesn't know why it's doing it

Me: "I'm just a bit confused as well cause you said you were gonna give us new glass and you didn't do that you just cleaned it"
Steve: "Yeah but I cleaned it to an inch of it's life"
Me: "Yeah but I did that three times, if it's still there after three times theres definitely a problem"
Steve: "Yeah but I just don't know why it keeps doing this"
Me: "It's clearly a bad batch of glass"
Steve: "But the new batch we have is from the same supplier"
Me: "*sighhhhhhhh* 

Could have killed him
Refused to take them back to the framers cause they'd have only broken again

I've resisted using their name on my blog but since they didn't do what they agreed to do and then didn't offer to do anything when I called them for the last time the framers is called Bevelo. Steve and Jane are the ones I've spoke on the phone to and they both said they'd replace the glass which they did not do. They have a dog called Rosie which I thought about taking as compensation but decided against it cause I couldn't handle prison. Bevelo is located in Wakefield near the Denby Dale Postoffice. I'd avoid em if I was you.

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