Tuesday, 6 May 2014

This shoot was my Goldilocks and the Three Bears shoot. I bought the bear mask from a garden centre and it's a childs mask because I was struggling to find one that would fit an adult but thankfully I have a pea sized head so it worked really well. I did this set indoors as I felt a woods would not have been appropriate. The story of Goldilocks is inside so I borrowed my pals flat and rearranged their living room. I used the new Bowens lighting kit to stop the room from being so dull. Although I didn't use any lights with my outdoors shoots I felt it was necessary indoors. To get the mood I was after I needed them. I used two lights, both with umbrellas. 
It took me a while to get the porridge right, I never knew I was so rubbish at making porridge!
Anyway, I did the same typical RebWells technique and layers my images and what not.
The first image shows the bears enjoying their food, unaware of the dangers that lurk behind. 

The second of the set shows the danger that is Goldilocks showing herself as the strong female character. The dominant one. The one that doesn't take no shit from no bears. Or anyone other than bears. Just no one.
These images are named 'Rebilocks' Beginning and End.
It's a contrast from my SnowWhite images where the woman was in a vulnerable situation to the woman character being the powerful one. 

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