Sunday, 18 May 2014

They gave us glass cleaner.
We took the frames back and we got Glass Cleaner. 
So I cleaned all the frames again
Because I obviously wanted to spend my day being a fucking window cleaner
And low and behold the shit is still on the glass. 

Taken them back and told them I want new glass in them all.
I'm not messing about now
Getting pissed off and fed up and it's delaying everything.

The woman who works there held one of mine up and said 
"Well I can't see anything
It just looks like when I clean glass"

I flipped
3 fucking times
If I can't clean glass after three times I'd have thrown myself off the top of college
It's not fucking hard
I'm not risking putting them on the wall then the opening night I come to look at my work and it's come back
£260 i spent with them

It's not fucking hard is it

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