Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The second shoot I did was my Hansel and Gretel shoot which I did at Haw Park woods near my end of Wakefield, on your way to Ryhill. I couldn't find a house so I settled with a path running behind me so it looks like it might lead to a house if you used your imagination.
I had them wear gas masks because in the story they burn the witch (SPOILER) and I reckon that would properrrrr stink. So you'd need a gas mask. 
The siblings are holding the iconic sweets in the first picture.

Which then turn into liver and kidneys in the second image. As if to show that they have defeated the witch and have her or his organs as proof. A trophy if you will. Then they burn the rest of her. For good measure. 
The message here is to not mess with siblings. If anyone ever touched my sister I would not be afraid to fuck them up. Not even joking. Even when guys used to mess her about they'd hear about it. Loudly. Even my brothers, if someone did owt to them.. I'm a feisty pants and am not afraid to stand up for my family. Even though I'm the youngest. And should be the protected one, not the protective one. 
I used the same technique here by keeping the camera still and taking images of me as hansel and then me as gretel. I used Color Efex Pro 4 again to get the vignette and then used Photoshop to desaturate it slightly to make it more neutral. And of course used the layer mask to get both hansel and gretel in the same image. 
I've called these images 'Hansel and Rebtle' Beginning and End.
I have my name cooperated in all the names to make it clear I am in them. Also, I decided not to edit out my anchor tattoo
because that is my mark, my symbol (which is funny because me and my sister have the same tattoo, again, don't mess with siblings) 

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