Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sorry I've not blogged!
I've taken a few days off to recover from that degree thing I did and completed and hopefully didn't fail..

Tonight was a special night!
We had the BIPP competition at our college tonight
Which was refreshing and seemed
To me
Much more professional and less ridiculous than a pub in the middle of no where

We have much more space and a lecture theatre we put to good use and a studio that, although we have to paint AGAIN, made the prints look far better.

After going through a tonne of professionals work 
Which was good
Some didn't really tickle my fancy but I just don't find wedding and commercial type stuff that interesting
We got to look at the student category
Which is what we wanted really

I found it very rude that a lot of the professionals left once it got to the student category, we sat through theirs, they should sit through ours. 

I personally didn't win a thing
But I only entered one image and it wasn't even one of my bests
I only entered it so I could get some feedback on it because I don't really think it will get assessed in my Major Project work. I had initially wanted to put my gas mask picture in but printed the wrong one out so made the best of a silly situation. 

A guy called Carl/Karl (don't know which) assessed my piece
He said he liked it and it was good but he didn't get why the face on the left was a different facial expression than the face on the right and said something about the model
I told him I was the model because I'm doing self portraiture and he said I was brave and then asked if I knew what he was getting at about the face 
I said I disagreed with him
He said I could disagree with him but he's right

He was somewhat attractive
And funny
But didn't really like confrontation I don't think
I think he was rushing through peoples work when he had no reason to be
We had the college til 12 and we were done for sommet past 10

I'm still so super proud of Dani and Chloe getting their merits!
And Chrissy for being the runner up although I disagree and think she should have won straight up. 
It's not secret she's the best out of us all.

Was a nice evening
Shame I didn't win ;)

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