Friday, 2 May 2014

My lovely book is here
I'm very happy
No one thought to tell me my book had arrived though
Found it under the rest of the post
Classic Wells family

If you don't believe me that my book is here
Here's a lovely bit of evidence in the form of a selfie
How ironic ;)

It's a lot earlier than I thought it was going to be
Not that I'm complaining of course
I'm super thrilled that it hasn't somehow cocked up and I was left with nothing

The images inside aren't to the best of quality but I was using my MacBook for the majority of the images so it's not gonna be, is it?
That's why I went for the smallest book they did
To make sure there wasn't just a huge white border around my small images
The book doesn't need to be massive
My heads not massive so why try and make it look like it is
And the book isn't about my technical ability
It's about overcoming a fear

My work often isn't about technical but more the narrative and messages woven in

I love using my work to improve myself and get over the boundaries that hold me back
This book was a lot easier than my major project work because I could do my selfies alone and in the comfort of my messy bedroom
But my major project work has been mostly outside
And with a team
A lot more pressure than just in my bedroom on me todd

(speaking of Todd, it's my nephews birthday today
Growing up tooooooooo fast!!!)

Here is a picture of me pretending to look through it

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