Thursday, 8 May 2014

My last shoot was my Little Red Riding Hood shoot. I went to Thornes Park in Wakefield and found a red leaved tree (I'm not very good with tree types, if my sister had been there she'd have been able to tell me tsk) because of the symbolism of Little Red. For the first image I had the girl with her back to the camera so you could see the hood and hide the face. She is also holding the stereotypical Little Red basket. Looking back at it now I don't think she needed the basket. I think it's too obvious and might as well just have Little Red written on her forehead. Not that you can see her forehead, but you get the point! 
 I like the greens and the orangey reds of the tree and grass but I don't think the red of her jacket pops like it should do. It's not vibrant enough. I think it needed cropping more as well but then I obviously lost a lot of the detail. I wouldn't have minded that much but it's not in focus. It's just not good enough. And the rest of mine aren't pin sharp and they don't need to be but this one is crazy out of focus. Offended my eyes!
That's the first image at 100%. The only bit that is actually in focus is the leaves right at the top. 
The second image is then of the girl, face to the camera, with her hood down but a wolf hat on. She's holding a knife with blood dripping coming off of it. But because she's too far away you can't see the knife or blood. I also had to make the fake blood myself and well, that didn't go great. Never done that before. Learning curve and I learnt I'm not good at it ha. I really don't like that I had to reuse the wolf hat that I used in my 3 Little Pigs shoot. 
This series just isn't as strong as my other 5. I didn't feel comfortable displaying these at my exhibition because your work is as strong as your weakest image. I didn't want my work being brought down by these two images. 
I also didn't really have a meaning for these. There was no issues I was touching on, no personal problems I was trying to resolve. These two images just meant nothing to me. I think that's why the image quality and colours just didn't work. I wasn't involved enough. Not up to my standards.
I did have planned to call these two images 'Little Reb Riding Hood' Beginning and End. That was the only thing that made it personal to me.

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