Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My fourth shoot was my 'Three Little Pigs' shoot. I chose to shoot this one inside as the original story of the three little pigs is about their homes and the wolf destroying that. This was in my home so it was a different location and different setting than my Goldilocks images. I bought one pigs head and reused it in 3 images (pigs heads are friggin heavy and cost £5 each so one was enough for me. Honestly, could barley carry the chuffin thing) but moving it to the left and right to represent the 3 pigs. This image is to show what happened after the original tale. Showing the wolf as the scary dominant role. Which it is meant to be. The trickiest part with this image was the shadows and reflections on the table. Because I had 3 separate images I had 3 separate reflections. It was difficult to paint the appropriate shadows onto the table cause the overlay was hard and I'm not that crackalackin at Photoshop just yet. 

The second image shows the 'wolf' showing its true colours as a pig, having eaten the pigs. The protagonist is hiding their true identity. Which is the issue I'm touching in this series. Like that show 'Catfish'. They often than not hide their true identity to make people fall in love with them. Maybe that's what happened here. The wolf worked its way in and got the 3 pigs to trust him, perhaps. Again, you can make your own decision about the lead up to the images. The story is what you make it. 
Like in my previous images I used Photoshop to merge the 3 different images of the plates together with layer masks. I found this more effective that using 3 separate plates because I only had one pigs head and therefore only one bloody (not cursing, just a plate with blood on) plate. Again I used Color Efex Pro 4 to slightly edit and add the vignette. 
I really like these images, I've had a lot of people ask me if there was actually 3 separate heads so that gives me a lovely little boost which is always appreciated!

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