Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Last but not least is my Alice in Wonderland shoot. I borrowed my friends garden and her rabbit cause I don't have a rabbit and if I'd have taken the rabbit to my garden my rabbit eating dogs would have had a right treat! The story here is about the transfer from childhood to adulthood. The first being about childhood and the innocence there. Playing with a beloved pet and dressing up like the pet. Cause, although I don't have any, I hear kids like to dress up like animals and characters and such. (The black border around isn't actually there, I screenshot them so they can't be pinched ;)) 

Then the second image is progressing into adulthood. Less family friendly, more grimy and raw. Like real adult life is. Odds are, unless you're my brother and super successful, that life is tough and a struggle and you have to work for the things you love (in my brothers defence he's worked hard to be where he is and I'm proud of him, just somewhat slightly jealous ha). The skinned, gutted rabbit represents all of that. It's stripped down to the core, the foundation. After university that's what every student is left feeling like. 
I didn't have to merge layers in this series which made it a lot quicker than the other series I've done. I was almost a bit sad though, I enjoy doing that and challenging myself in that way. I used the Color Efex Pro 4 to make the colours more vibrant and shocking. As it would be if you went to Wonderland. That's how I imagine Wonderland. Crazy colourful and bright and pops! My interpretation anyway. 
Also used the software to put the vignette on like the rest of them to fit into that consistency. 
I'm really proud of these images, as I am with all of my images. Really pushed myself and thrown myself out of my comfort zone. It's incredible how much this project has changed me. I'm less bothered about my appearance. I used to wear make up everyday, have to do my hair, be so conscience of everything I was doing and how I'd look. I'm not bothered at all anymore. I haven't put make up on in days and I couldn't care less! It's crazy. I can worry about actual important stuff now. I'm much happier thanks to this project.

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