Saturday, 31 May 2014

I've never been overly bothered about ghosts
And I've never felt a presence or felt an energy

At work our shop is in a really old building that used to be houses many a moon ago
And everyone always said that it was haunted and stuff and they've heard, seen and felt stuff
It's never ever affected me
Just went along as I did

My boss, Lisa, apparently brought someone in a really long time ago and they assessed the situation
They said the ghosts or whatever were friendly and just wanted to watch but if we wanted em out then they would do it
But if they're friendly what's the point?
Just leave em be

Nothings happened for ages

Lisa went to the top floor (we have a shop floor then 2 floors of storage (it's pissing massive)) and when she got to the top of the stairs she felt her chest tighten. She couldn't help it and she's fit as a fiddle so it makes no sense.
Then the lights keep going off but not all of them
The ones in the back of the shop floor where we keep all the uniform which isn't really spooky but seems bizarre
Then Tracy went into the kitchen and it was really warm and it's usually colder than -10000000 in there
And she pushed the door to the sink open and the hot tap at the sink was on full blast which obviously wasn't us cause no one turns it on that much cause who would want to be burnt? 
Not my best
Then yesterday when I was at work I was in the kids shop (I should also mention we have two shops, a designer children's wear and uniform shop and then a ladies shop around the corner) and Mel was in the ladies shop and Lisa had gone to see One Direction with her daughter and I was putting blue blouses on coat hangers at the dark school wear part of the shop and I just felt really uneasy. I can't explain it and nothing happened but I just didn't feel right. Really unsettled me. Made me feel a bit paranoid. So I went into the light part of the shop and hoped for customers but we were so super quiet is was deathly. And all today I've hated going upstairs. I went to get blazers and the lights flickered and popped and that sometimes happens but it just didn't feel right.
And I just kept getting really scared. I was meant to make a list of all the uniform that needed bringing down cause we had none out or we were low on and I started the list but I was absolutely dreading going upstairs, to the point I could have cried if I thought about it too much. But thankfully we got busy and I never finished my list.

I need to snap out of it cause I've got loads of hours over the holidays and I can't just refuse to go up there can I?
I'm being daft
But something is definitely not right in that place.

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