Monday, 5 May 2014

I'm very proud of my work 
It has taken me a lot of time and effort to get my images how they are

My first shoot was my Snow White shoot
I went to Bishop Wood in Selby (after getting a wee bit lost)
And me and my 'team' (bestest pals) walked about 15 minutes to a section of the woods I liked the look of and then set up the camera and everything to find out that there was no memory card in the camera. What a bloody disaster. Thankfully we had a laptop in the car with the software to shoot tethered so we had to walk back to the car to walk back to the spot that I'd chose. It was a right pain. I got really mad at myself as well, my memory is only getting worse and it's driving me mad! 
I got back to that spot and decided I should look for this house that I'd heard was in the woods because I wanted to use this house in the background of my Hansel and Gretel shoot. But after ages of searching around this random woods with all this equipment and costume changes and props. They were chuffin heavy I'll tell you that much! So, after asking this bird watcher that walked past if he knew where the house is and he didn't, I went back to my original spot but a little more to the left of that cause that's where i found a big ol' tree that was laid down as if it had been knocked over somehow. 

So we got everything set up and I had my mime mask and a black skirt with a black and white stripy jumper for the dwarves and a blue dress with a yellow coat to be snow white. 

I had the dwarves sat on the collapsed tree for the first image
I had to take one image and then move the dwarf next to the first dwarf and I ended up doing that 8 times cause I lose count of dwarves haha
I then took a 9th of snow white in the middle of the image

I merged them together on Photoshop by using layer masks. When i painted one image onto the next image I then clicked the merge down button so I was slowing getting through my layers. I did the same multiple image technique and Photoshop technique on the second image in this series as well. 

I've named these images 'Snow White and the Seven Rebs' Beginning and End
When I sent these to Andy Snaith, he said he wanted to see them during my portfolio review, he said they are powerful, dark and a little disturbing. He also suggested that it would benefit from a third image with Snow White just left there on her own which would work quite well but obviously my work is done in pairs. 

I think that this story was my favourite of my 10. It's my strongest pair. I think it's the mask, that was my favourite mask. The woods look very mysterious which I really liked, I didn't really have to edit very very much either, just a bit of changing the curves and levels. 

To create the vignette I used software called Color Efex Pro 4 which gives you tonnes of options to edit the images colours and filters and such. It's pretty good, you can do a lot with it but I didn't want to over edit, want them to be somewhat realistic.

The messages woven in here are gang violence and the venerability of women. Realistic meanings and much more modern that the original snow white and the seven dwarves. Real life problems. 

I was once walking home from Wakefield and it was very late and I live a 15 minute drive from Wakefield so it's about an hour n half walk. I'd got about half way home I'd say and then a guy in a white transit van pulled up next to me and asked where I was heading and I said I was going to the bus stop and he kept telling me he was going to Pontefract and was I heading that way. I told him I was alright and not interested and he just kept telling me there was no reason to be scared and although I kept very cool about it while he was there once he FINALLY left I was shaking and called my friend and made him talk to me and keep me company until my bus got there (I got the bus cause I didn't dare walk the rest of the way). What annoyed me the most was I used to go for a walk every night before bed for an hour or so and after that episode with the guy made me not want to do it. I was scared to go. I didn't want to do it anymore. It could have been a lot worse but thankfully it wasn't. But this event has set the foundation for my work. Throwing these problems that do happen in day to day life makes me work fit the theme 'horror' even more.

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