Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I was thinking about London
And that I want to take my portfolio box down with me
But then thought that it might get wrecked
And I think I'd cry if it got fucked (my dad would too since he paid for it)
I remember Katrina mentioning that David Black got a case for his box to protect it
Or at least I think it was Katrina
And I think it was David Black
But I think its a really good idea
Cause mines starting to look a bit tatty and no one wants a tatty box…

I got my portfolio box n sleeves from Silverprint so I went back to them
Slip Case For A3 Portfolio Box 1.25" Deep
I dunno how deep my box is…
It says at the top that the A3 Portfolio Box's stock code is 32125
So I had a look and that is for the 1/2 depth ones, and shock horror mine isn't that one
The code for mine is 28984
If it was right then it would have only cost me £28.85 for it
Would have been ideal 
But of course they don't do a Slip Case for my size box
My box is too big

Then I found a site called University Products 
But it's in America
But they have a beautiful case
Look at that!
It looks like a briefcase!
Leather, reinforced corners, padded handle
I think I'm in heaven
If it was brown I think I'd have had to get it
Too nice to pass
But thankfully it's in black and I can resist that
And thank god with how much it costs
So the cheapest is $112.60 for a 12x15"
But I dunno what A3 is in inch, I work in mm
Thank the lord for Google ehy
So actually
The smallest one wouldn't even fit an A3 in?
Oh christ above
So it would have to be the 16x20" one
For $168.80
Shit my boots!
Good fucking job it's not a tan brown or I'd be screwed

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