Friday, 2 May 2014

I love Chip Simons
So I've chosen his work to analyse 

On his website he has nine different galleries for all his different genres of work
His work is very varied
Chips projects called 'Bunny' and 'Monsters and Things' have been a big part of my inspiration. They both use masks to create new characters and are the main focal point. 
He uses innocence as a starting point in his 'Bunny' work. He uses these normal everyday places and family values and activities and by adding the bunny mask puts a darker twist on it. As a way to remove the innocence but it is still strongly there. 

His 'Monsters and Things' project is meant to be more scary, the point would be to raise a scared reaction from the audience with the use of the scarier halloween style masks and children. Children in a scary environment always freaks me out sooooo much. 
Like in Nightmare on Elm Street. They aren't even scary but the one with kids I just cannot watch it. Too freaky. Blergh!

Although they were an inspiration, his other work such as 'I am a Dog' is one of my favourites of his. I love my doggies so much, they're my little princes, it's refreshing to see dogs from a low angle and so close up. How you wouldn't usually see them. I like the use of coloured lights or gels that he sometimes includes
I like that it's almost like a catalogue of dogs. I'm rubbish with dog types. I only know dalamation cause one knocked me down when I was a kid and have vowed to hate them for the rest of my life and patter dale terrier because I've got 2 of them. Oh and pug because people seem to be obsessed with them and I don't really like them. They aren't overly pretty and they walk a bit funny. 
I also really like how they're comical as well. I find them absolutely hilarious, whether that was the point, I don't know.
Looks like it's picking on me ha. 
I just love dogs. They're so happy and loyal and friendly. They just wanna play all the time! Makes your day when you go home and they get so giddy to see you, like they've not seen you in a lifetime <3

I think it's a really good project to do. Creates a lot of emotional responses for the viewer. Whether they're a dog lover or a cat person. Creates emotion on each side of the fence. Good debate as well there. I'm obviously a dog person where as my pal Dandan is a cat person. 

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