Thursday, 8 May 2014

For my future I really wanna stick with books. This project has been a challenge and half for me and I've thoroughly enjoyed it but I still couldn't resist doing a book even if it was a side project. Even if I got a regular boring job I could still do books in my spare time and sell them. 

I've been checking out 'A Day in the Life of' books and I think they're really interesting. You can literally do anything. Pets, children, yourself. 
And I can still incorporate fairytales into this type of work. I could think about using children as my main subject, like Bella West. I have 4 nephews and a baby niece so could easily use this to my advantage and keep hold of my kid nephews/niece forever! A lovely family present. My eldest nephew Coby will be 12 in October and he's been in a TV show and is playing someones son in a film that'd being shot now. I bet he'd be totally up for something like this. Although there's something much cuter about little girls. And nearly all the main characters of fairy tales are girls. Alice, Little Red, Snow White. I could do a Little Red book of my niece and incorporate that fairy tale in that way since I cut that one out of my major project. 
I made a book in my second year where I took Kate Nash's song 'Little Red' which could link to the fairy tale but could easily be about any girl. Now my works progressed and I've developed as an artist I've noticed the level of quality  for both the images and the text aren't good enough anymore. It was a great start but not to the standards to match my more recent work. 

My sister and I were talking the other day and she suggested we make an animation together. She said she'd always wanted to do something with Kate Nash's 'Little Red' which is funny and the perfect opportunity to redo it in a different style. Animation has always intrigued me and I basically wrote my dissertation on animation and film so it's about time I actually tried my hand at it. My sister said it's best to keep your creative juices flowing instead of just stopping all together like she did after her art degree. 

If I stick to fairy tales which is what I'm liking currently then I can do so much with them. I can use children since fairy tales are aimed at that age group or I could do more self portraiture and link it to how I don't want to grow up and am clinging to my youth. I'm basically Peter Pan. Change is difficult and the end of my degree is huge change for me. It;s hard to let go and fairy tales are my way of staying young forever. I could begin with my niece and end with myself cause we do look a lot alike. She is blood of my blood after all. 

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