Thursday, 29 May 2014

Me, Dani and Chloe all got 2:2's 
No one in our class got lower which is incredible

Because I was like, practically last because of my stupid surname
I had all day to build up this crazy amount of nervous that I'd been trying my best to ignore
And what's more
I've not cried since before my Granddad died
And during my feedback my tutor mentioned him
"and your poor granddad"

I just lost it
All composure I had went out the window 
And I just cried my eyes out
Like, an uncomfortable amount 

My tutor was so awkward
She didn't know what to do
I was trying to pretend like I wasn't when I obviously was

I seriously reckon she thought I was crying because I only got a 2:2 though
Which isn't the case
But I couldn't really talk too well without spluttering and whatnot 

I got good feedback though
And although I only got a 2:2 
I believe I'm much more than just photography
And have the potential to do some super wicked awesome stuff
Because I want to 
And I'm stubborn
So I'll do it

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