Friday, 2 May 2014

I had it in my head to do 12 images
12's a strong number
6 fairy tales
2 images for each fairy tale

snow white
little red
3 little pigs
hansel and gretel

and they were all gonna be amazing
super strong 
good quality
apparent narrative 

but nooooooooo
little red had to go and be rubbish
i think i'd ran out of creative juices
i was all dried out

i wouldn't have minded it that much but my lord was it out of focus
and i mean,
none of them are pin sharp
which is okay
because they weren't meant to be
but this one just takes the cake
it's horrific
and boring
and i had to reuse the same wolf hat in little red and 3 little pigs
which i didn't like having to do 
I've changed my frame order to 10 instead of 12
which saves me £52 purely on frames
and I'm printing today
so I've not wasted anything on printing
and I've saved £16 on printing but not having those two
So all together I've saved £68 quid
(Which means I can actually afford to get my hair cut as well now so I don't look like tarzan :O)

10 is a nice rounded number
I'm still happy with my work
I'm just a bit gutted that I cocked up with the focusing
But still so proud of myself for doing this much

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