Thursday, 15 May 2014

Went into college today to hang our exhibition
Get there
Start to put mirror plates on
Hurt my hand doing it
Had to do my 10
Danis 6
Chloes 4
so 20 of em
2 mirror plates each
My poor thumb was killing me

Then we find that it looks like condensation had got into our frames
So we take em apart
Clean em thoroughly
And then it turns out like theres a residue or sommet on the glass 
So we have to take the frames
All 20 of them
Back to the framers to see if they can clean them properly and if not they're giving us new glass
Because Sam's frames
That are from the same place
Are fine and not fucked

So that delayed us a lot
But I put all the mirror plates on 
So we can hopefully get it sorted Monday latest
Cause fresh glass cutting isn't gonna be a quick job


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