Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Just got home from seeing 'Transcendence' 
That one with Johnny Depp

It really just boggled my mind
I don't think I'm smart enough to follow it at all!

I just don't get how a computer can affect the earth and the rain and stuff
Surely he can only affect wires n such?
I get it when the computers mess with the people
I understand how that then affects them and their performance 
But why would the earth then make them better and repair them? 
I just can't get my pea sized head around it

If anyone can explain that then that would be charming

I liked that they had a blackout 
It just makes you think really
I wouldn't be able to write this blog that no one reads
And I wouldn't have been able to complete my degree so easily (not saying a degree is easy, just saying the internet makes artist research and connecting with professionals a lot nicer than reading through books with a migraine and trying to write a letter to a photographer with no address and no means of finding the address)
I wouldn't be able to listen to Kate Nash on Spotify whilst wearing my Kate Nash tshirt I got at her gig 
It just makes you appreciate it I think
It would be a heck of a lot harder to go from having it to not having it
I could live without it I think
But never having it, you obviously aren't missing out

I dunno
Sort of a happy ending anyway

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