Saturday, 31 May 2014

i just want another tattoo

How horrible is this?!

I'm friggin dog trumps at drawing man
I've never been overly bothered about ghosts
And I've never felt a presence or felt an energy

At work our shop is in a really old building that used to be houses many a moon ago
And everyone always said that it was haunted and stuff and they've heard, seen and felt stuff
It's never ever affected me
Just went along as I did

My boss, Lisa, apparently brought someone in a really long time ago and they assessed the situation
They said the ghosts or whatever were friendly and just wanted to watch but if we wanted em out then they would do it
But if they're friendly what's the point?
Just leave em be

Nothings happened for ages

Lisa went to the top floor (we have a shop floor then 2 floors of storage (it's pissing massive)) and when she got to the top of the stairs she felt her chest tighten. She couldn't help it and she's fit as a fiddle so it makes no sense.
Then the lights keep going off but not all of them
The ones in the back of the shop floor where we keep all the uniform which isn't really spooky but seems bizarre
Then Tracy went into the kitchen and it was really warm and it's usually colder than -10000000 in there
And she pushed the door to the sink open and the hot tap at the sink was on full blast which obviously wasn't us cause no one turns it on that much cause who would want to be burnt? 
Not my best
Then yesterday when I was at work I was in the kids shop (I should also mention we have two shops, a designer children's wear and uniform shop and then a ladies shop around the corner) and Mel was in the ladies shop and Lisa had gone to see One Direction with her daughter and I was putting blue blouses on coat hangers at the dark school wear part of the shop and I just felt really uneasy. I can't explain it and nothing happened but I just didn't feel right. Really unsettled me. Made me feel a bit paranoid. So I went into the light part of the shop and hoped for customers but we were so super quiet is was deathly. And all today I've hated going upstairs. I went to get blazers and the lights flickered and popped and that sometimes happens but it just didn't feel right.
And I just kept getting really scared. I was meant to make a list of all the uniform that needed bringing down cause we had none out or we were low on and I started the list but I was absolutely dreading going upstairs, to the point I could have cried if I thought about it too much. But thankfully we got busy and I never finished my list.

I need to snap out of it cause I've got loads of hours over the holidays and I can't just refuse to go up there can I?
I'm being daft
But something is definitely not right in that place.
babysitting for my niece and nephew
I love them so much aha
Isla is just asleep and only cries when her dummy comes out
I should mention she's not even one yet
Her hair is wild like Tarzan's
But in a good way!

And Dylan is a dinosaur obsessed 4 year old
His favourite word is 'predator' and over exaggerates everything
Invited me to watch his dinosaur dvd with him
I respectfully declined
He stayed up a little bit longer than he was meant to but we were pretending to be cats so it makes it okay, right?

meow meow meow

Friday, 30 May 2014

neeeeeeeeeeed to do my business cards and an invite maybe?

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Me and my soul mate DanDan sharing a very intimate moment of true love, lust, and adventure!
In other words
Me, Dani and Chloe all got 2:2's 
No one in our class got lower which is incredible

Because I was like, practically last because of my stupid surname
I had all day to build up this crazy amount of nervous that I'd been trying my best to ignore
And what's more
I've not cried since before my Granddad died
And during my feedback my tutor mentioned him
"and your poor granddad"

I just lost it
All composure I had went out the window 
And I just cried my eyes out
Like, an uncomfortable amount 

My tutor was so awkward
She didn't know what to do
I was trying to pretend like I wasn't when I obviously was

I seriously reckon she thought I was crying because I only got a 2:2 though
Which isn't the case
But I couldn't really talk too well without spluttering and whatnot 

I got good feedback though
And although I only got a 2:2 
I believe I'm much more than just photography
And have the potential to do some super wicked awesome stuff
Because I want to 
And I'm stubborn
So I'll do it

 We are sat patiently waiting for our results
At college
We are terribly nervous 
But Dani got a 2:2!!
Soops proud of her :)
Hopefully our results will be just as good!
Doubt it though lol

Results day today
Think I'm gonna kill myself after cause I bet I've failed
Decided I'm gonna jump off the top of college
Easy then int it


Sunday, 25 May 2014

if you have eczema on your eye lids do not
apply this to them
because it stings
like a bitch
and it doesn't help
i've been doing it for days and it's not got any better
if anything it's just getting worse
if anyone can give me good cream for it that would be the bomb diggity

Saturday, 24 May 2014

After racking up 112 hours on Oblivion I've only just got Shadowmere

This teaches me I should do cool stuff instead of collect statues and look for nirnroots

Thursday, 22 May 2014

soops asleep

i genuinely thought it was the 21st today. 
What even?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

love this girl
she just gets me

Oh look at that
I've finally put my calendar up after 5 months

I would like to repeat myself and say that my exhibition 'CREATE' at Batley School of Art is on the 20th of June 6-9pm (opening night) I strongly recommend you come look at my work so you can appreciate my little corner more than these shoddy pictures.
Lots of good work for my fellow classmates and hopefully alcohol

(PS we've hit our 200 post mark! 
Cocktails for everyone!)
Took our frames back on Friday around 4ish 
They said on the phone they were gonna give us new glass
Since the glass cleaner obviously wasn't working

We agreed to come pick them up on Monday morning at 9:30 
We get there and he says
"We've cleaned them thoroughly"
I could have cried
Fuck me 

What made all of this better is that he missed three of mine so I made him do them ones then and there
Get em back to college and Dani says its still on hers
Check mine
Still on mine

Rang him a-fucking-gain
All he could say is that he doesn't know why it's doing it

Me: "I'm just a bit confused as well cause you said you were gonna give us new glass and you didn't do that you just cleaned it"
Steve: "Yeah but I cleaned it to an inch of it's life"
Me: "Yeah but I did that three times, if it's still there after three times theres definitely a problem"
Steve: "Yeah but I just don't know why it keeps doing this"
Me: "It's clearly a bad batch of glass"
Steve: "But the new batch we have is from the same supplier"
Me: "*sighhhhhhhh* 

Could have killed him
Refused to take them back to the framers cause they'd have only broken again

I've resisted using their name on my blog but since they didn't do what they agreed to do and then didn't offer to do anything when I called them for the last time the framers is called Bevelo. Steve and Jane are the ones I've spoke on the phone to and they both said they'd replace the glass which they did not do. They have a dog called Rosie which I thought about taking as compensation but decided against it cause I couldn't handle prison. Bevelo is located in Wakefield near the Denby Dale Postoffice. I'd avoid em if I was you.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tell a lie!
It was in my house all along ha

Can finally get some food now!
shit the bed 
the troll saw me
he had 3 gold on him though so i'm glad i had to get him
pretty much been like this all day
i'm currently hiding from a troll
cause i've lost a pissing statue so i miss out on 5500 gold now
not eaten other than chocolate
need an intervention stat
and a sandwich

Ooo a list of extra days I can work over summer?
Don't mind if I do!
Shame there's not more tbh

I slept for 15 and a half hours last night
Broke my personal best of 14 hours
So I woke up
Feeling confused
Thinking it was Monday
And ate these for breakfast cause I remember my dad throwing them at me last night when I was asleep
All part of a well balanced diet yada yada
This is why I'm getting fat 

They gave us glass cleaner.
We took the frames back and we got Glass Cleaner. 
So I cleaned all the frames again
Because I obviously wanted to spend my day being a fucking window cleaner
And low and behold the shit is still on the glass. 

Taken them back and told them I want new glass in them all.
I'm not messing about now
Getting pissed off and fed up and it's delaying everything.

The woman who works there held one of mine up and said 
"Well I can't see anything
It just looks like when I clean glass"

I flipped
3 fucking times
If I can't clean glass after three times I'd have thrown myself off the top of college
It's not fucking hard
I'm not risking putting them on the wall then the opening night I come to look at my work and it's come back
£260 i spent with them

It's not fucking hard is it

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Went into college today to hang our exhibition
Get there
Start to put mirror plates on
Hurt my hand doing it
Had to do my 10
Danis 6
Chloes 4
so 20 of em
2 mirror plates each
My poor thumb was killing me

Then we find that it looks like condensation had got into our frames
So we take em apart
Clean em thoroughly
And then it turns out like theres a residue or sommet on the glass 
So we have to take the frames
All 20 of them
Back to the framers to see if they can clean them properly and if not they're giving us new glass
Because Sam's frames
That are from the same place
Are fine and not fucked

So that delayed us a lot
But I put all the mirror plates on 
So we can hopefully get it sorted Monday latest
Cause fresh glass cutting isn't gonna be a quick job


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I was thinking about London
And that I want to take my portfolio box down with me
But then thought that it might get wrecked
And I think I'd cry if it got fucked (my dad would too since he paid for it)
I remember Katrina mentioning that David Black got a case for his box to protect it
Or at least I think it was Katrina
And I think it was David Black
But I think its a really good idea
Cause mines starting to look a bit tatty and no one wants a tatty box…

I got my portfolio box n sleeves from Silverprint so I went back to them
Slip Case For A3 Portfolio Box 1.25" Deep
I dunno how deep my box is…
It says at the top that the A3 Portfolio Box's stock code is 32125
So I had a look and that is for the 1/2 depth ones, and shock horror mine isn't that one
The code for mine is 28984
If it was right then it would have only cost me £28.85 for it
Would have been ideal 
But of course they don't do a Slip Case for my size box
My box is too big

Then I found a site called University Products 
But it's in America
But they have a beautiful case
Look at that!
It looks like a briefcase!
Leather, reinforced corners, padded handle
I think I'm in heaven
If it was brown I think I'd have had to get it
Too nice to pass
But thankfully it's in black and I can resist that
And thank god with how much it costs
So the cheapest is $112.60 for a 12x15"
But I dunno what A3 is in inch, I work in mm
Thank the lord for Google ehy
So actually
The smallest one wouldn't even fit an A3 in?
Oh christ above
So it would have to be the 16x20" one
For $168.80
Shit my boots!
Good fucking job it's not a tan brown or I'd be screwed

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the pink pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the pink pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
Or it sorts your toothache out good n proper

Just got home from seeing 'Transcendence' 
That one with Johnny Depp

It really just boggled my mind
I don't think I'm smart enough to follow it at all!

I just don't get how a computer can affect the earth and the rain and stuff
Surely he can only affect wires n such?
I get it when the computers mess with the people
I understand how that then affects them and their performance 
But why would the earth then make them better and repair them? 
I just can't get my pea sized head around it

If anyone can explain that then that would be charming

I liked that they had a blackout 
It just makes you think really
I wouldn't be able to write this blog that no one reads
And I wouldn't have been able to complete my degree so easily (not saying a degree is easy, just saying the internet makes artist research and connecting with professionals a lot nicer than reading through books with a migraine and trying to write a letter to a photographer with no address and no means of finding the address)
I wouldn't be able to listen to Kate Nash on Spotify whilst wearing my Kate Nash tshirt I got at her gig 
It just makes you appreciate it I think
It would be a heck of a lot harder to go from having it to not having it
I could live without it I think
But never having it, you obviously aren't missing out

I dunno
Sort of a happy ending anyway

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shody 4:50AM selfie
I'm starving and freezing to death and watching Igor in bed
Should probably go to sleep
I'm going to Jordan's exhibition again tomorrow

His exhibition was at The Corn Exchange in Leeds and his work was great
I'm so proud of him
He's sold a lot of it too
His was a lot better than the rest of his class

I understand it's a photojournalism course but at least but a bit of care and love into the photo section of it

Sorry I've not blogged!
I've taken a few days off to recover from that degree thing I did and completed and hopefully didn't fail..

Tonight was a special night!
We had the BIPP competition at our college tonight
Which was refreshing and seemed
To me
Much more professional and less ridiculous than a pub in the middle of no where

We have much more space and a lecture theatre we put to good use and a studio that, although we have to paint AGAIN, made the prints look far better.

After going through a tonne of professionals work 
Which was good
Some didn't really tickle my fancy but I just don't find wedding and commercial type stuff that interesting
We got to look at the student category
Which is what we wanted really

I found it very rude that a lot of the professionals left once it got to the student category, we sat through theirs, they should sit through ours. 

I personally didn't win a thing
But I only entered one image and it wasn't even one of my bests
I only entered it so I could get some feedback on it because I don't really think it will get assessed in my Major Project work. I had initially wanted to put my gas mask picture in but printed the wrong one out so made the best of a silly situation. 

A guy called Carl/Karl (don't know which) assessed my piece
He said he liked it and it was good but he didn't get why the face on the left was a different facial expression than the face on the right and said something about the model
I told him I was the model because I'm doing self portraiture and he said I was brave and then asked if I knew what he was getting at about the face 
I said I disagreed with him
He said I could disagree with him but he's right

He was somewhat attractive
And funny
But didn't really like confrontation I don't think
I think he was rushing through peoples work when he had no reason to be
We had the college til 12 and we were done for sommet past 10

I'm still so super proud of Dani and Chloe getting their merits!
And Chrissy for being the runner up although I disagree and think she should have won straight up. 
It's not secret she's the best out of us all.

Was a nice evening
Shame I didn't win ;)

Friday, 9 May 2014

Handed in my final module for university today
Don't think it's sunk in yet
I'm too tired to even think of anything other than Ramseys Kitchen Nightmare

Although, I can realise I have a spotty chin and I might cry
I have work tomorrow!
Spotty worker bee :'(

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Well well well
That was a module n half want it!

I had a brill time but lord above has it been stressful

I've gone through a lot of ideas in this module and it's a wonder I ever bloody picked one. Masks have been the plan since the beginning though so at least I had that. It was more the execution and meanings I was struggling with. When I finally linked it to my dissertation though it all came together. I struggled to make the fairytales less obvious at first, it was hard because I wanted people to know but I didn't want to just have it written on there. It was tricky finding the balance but once I decided to stick to my horror theme and make the fairy tales my own it was a heck of a lot easier. Although it was then hard to think of scenarios and meanings and what I was wanted to say. But I think I pulled it off. I just real life issues in a fictional scene. I wanted to make it look like a film still, so not perfect, not pin sharp, real looking. Like it's really happening. Like you feel there with the story. 
Because I was doing self portraiture, I used the masks to hide my identity and then create a whole new character by using them. I did self portraiture because I've never used models before and they often let you down and it's difficult to find replacements such last minute. Also, it's much more personal which I prefer. It wouldn't be the same if I had strangers acting out my work. Wouldn't do it for me. Because I've never done self portraiture before so that was super new and scary. I didn't know what to do and it was difficult for me to edit pictures of myself cause I was constantly criticising how I looked personally, not how the picture looked as a whole. To get over this I did the selfie challenge. I took a picture a day (most days) of myself and uploaded it to my blog. I would sometimes write things about that picture, sometimes I would just do work. It was whatever I was feeling. Sometimes I do them alone, sometimes I'd have 'special guests' appearing in them. Sometimes I was on the go but most of the time I was just in my bedroom. All depended what I was doing that day. I had to work it around my day, not work my day around my selfie. Because I wanted people to see these pictures I turned them into a book. I used Blurb because I'm so familiar with it now and comfortable. I chose the smallest book size Blurb offered because most of the images were taken using my MacBook so the quality wasn't there. Also because it's only a side project it didn't need to be too in your face and impressive. I named the book 'Selfs' because I HATE the word 'selfie'. I think it's tacky and over used and should not be in the English bloody dictionary. 
My frames were specially made by a company named 'Bevelo'. They are A2 frames with no mount as there isn't a mount on a film. I got a black frame that distresses to silver in the centre. They're beautiful. I love them! They cost £26 each but they look absolutely cracking with my images. Real moody and professional. I went to Bevelo last year for my exhibition frames. They were gorgeous too. Love them. Would definitely recommend them. Which I have, to at least 3 other students on my course. You're welcome Bevelo. I also have some of their business cards so will pin one to the noticeboard at college for future years. Cause I'm a sweetheart like that. 
I got feedback from 3 different photographers, Bella West, Chip Simons and Andy Snaith. They were all really lovely about there feedback and gave me a lot of constructive criticism that I really appreciated. Chip Simons is also the photographer that I decided to analyse. His work is so inspirational that I couldn't resist. 
I'm exhibiting my work in London and a few of us got on to publish our work and university course. It cost a wee bit of money but hopefully it will be worth it. 
I've entered the BIPP competition to tick that box and will be attending the event that we are throwing at our college. 
I've had a lot of stress during this module because unfortunately my Granddad died just before Easter. It was really hard but I had to stay positive. He's not in pain now and that's better for him. It was hard but I had to think of my degree and focus on what was going on. 
I think I've done quite well considering I'm usually up for at least 48 hours the night before but I've kept to my work and done bit by bit. My time management finally got better! Only took 3 years ;)
I'm so proud of my work and never want to stop photography. Ever.
Oooh would you look at that
BIPP has been entered.
I only entered the one image because I couldn't afford to print a million (5) off and mount them on that awkward sized foam board they are suddenly demanding.

What's that?
You don't know what I'm talking about?
Here, let me explain..

But first
Look what you find when you google
A couple of findings down you get
Aww look! Katrina representing the winners we've had during the BIPP student competition. That's nice 

'Student Success 

BIPP Student Competition of the Year 2012 - winner
BIPP Student Competition of the Year 2011 - winner 
BIPP Architectural Photographer of the Year 2011 - winner 
Nikon Foundation Competition 2011 - two finalists in Top 10 (out of 279)
BIPP National Student Portfolio of the Year 2010 - winner 
BIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year 2010 - winner
Epson International Photographic Pano Awards 2010 - finalist 
AoP Red Dot 2009 - winner 
BIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year 2009 - winner
Nikon Discovery Awards 2008 - winner 
Fujifilm Student Awards Penguin Book Cover 2008 - merit 
BIPP Portrait Photographer of the Year 2007 - winner 
Guardian Penguin Book National Competition 2006 - winner 
Travel Photographer of the Year 2005 – winner'

Look at all the success our college has had! Shame their names aren't on there, I'd have liked to have known.

The rules!
Because we are only entering the student competition we can enter up to 5 images which doesn't cost us a penny (except to print, mount, velco and paint which costs a pretty penny. You get all the expensive stuff out of the way and you think you're done but then it's all the little stuff that skints you blind!). 
The mounting rules are it has to be on a lightweight (like me ;)) board or card so foam board is what I'm using. The board has to be 20x16" and the image itself has to be at least 10" on one side.
"Images taken on external training courses, workshops or studio days are not allowed" so in other words it has to be your work. If any components were organised by another photographer such as locations and models then it cannot be submitted.
The deadlines 5pm on Friday the 9th of May. 

A new rule is that only 3rd years are allowed to enter the competition now. Last year all 3 photography years were allowed to enter but now because University of Huddersfield, Leeds College of Art and Bradford College are now associated with the BIPP it would take too long if we had 4 places of learning with al 3 years. 
Although the size of the print and mount has changed, everything else is pretty much the same.

And we're holding the event at out college cause at a pub in the middle of nowhere wasn't really working out or up to our standards. It's too old mannish and if you want new young members and speakers you need to liven things up and keep it fresh. 

The image I'm entering is one I did for the major project as a test shoot that I actually realllllly like.
I was going to enter this one but it wasn't personal enough for me. There was no meaning what so ever and therefore it bores me. 

I hope I win. I'd get extra credit if I win ;) 
Need all the help I can get!

For my future I really wanna stick with books. This project has been a challenge and half for me and I've thoroughly enjoyed it but I still couldn't resist doing a book even if it was a side project. Even if I got a regular boring job I could still do books in my spare time and sell them. 

I've been checking out 'A Day in the Life of' books and I think they're really interesting. You can literally do anything. Pets, children, yourself. 
And I can still incorporate fairytales into this type of work. I could think about using children as my main subject, like Bella West. I have 4 nephews and a baby niece so could easily use this to my advantage and keep hold of my kid nephews/niece forever! A lovely family present. My eldest nephew Coby will be 12 in October and he's been in a TV show and is playing someones son in a film that'd being shot now. I bet he'd be totally up for something like this. Although there's something much cuter about little girls. And nearly all the main characters of fairy tales are girls. Alice, Little Red, Snow White. I could do a Little Red book of my niece and incorporate that fairy tale in that way since I cut that one out of my major project. 
I made a book in my second year where I took Kate Nash's song 'Little Red' which could link to the fairy tale but could easily be about any girl. Now my works progressed and I've developed as an artist I've noticed the level of quality  for both the images and the text aren't good enough anymore. It was a great start but not to the standards to match my more recent work. 

My sister and I were talking the other day and she suggested we make an animation together. She said she'd always wanted to do something with Kate Nash's 'Little Red' which is funny and the perfect opportunity to redo it in a different style. Animation has always intrigued me and I basically wrote my dissertation on animation and film so it's about time I actually tried my hand at it. My sister said it's best to keep your creative juices flowing instead of just stopping all together like she did after her art degree. 

If I stick to fairy tales which is what I'm liking currently then I can do so much with them. I can use children since fairy tales are aimed at that age group or I could do more self portraiture and link it to how I don't want to grow up and am clinging to my youth. I'm basically Peter Pan. Change is difficult and the end of my degree is huge change for me. It;s hard to let go and fairy tales are my way of staying young forever. I could begin with my niece and end with myself cause we do look a lot alike. She is blood of my blood after all. 
As a part of this crazy big and scary module we have to get our work published in one of the following:
- An online library
- A contemporary photographic magazine
- A website (not your own or any other student) 
- An exhibition where the public can go and see

I'm going with the exhibition one
Every year the third year photography and fine art student all get the option to exhibit  their major project in free range on Brick Lane in LANDAN. We are responsible for prints, frames, artist statements, basically everything except finding the space. We are to make our own business cards if we want them and if we want to invite anyone then we've to create and print our own invite and send it out to the appropriate people. 

Sam, the superstar, found this thing at <> where you promote your BA and MA/MFA graduate work via the Source Magazine website.
It's £26 per student (need to add this to my cost analysis. Totes forgot about it) but lets you upload 5 images per student, we write our own artist statements, and include our contact details such as mobile numbers, emails and websites, but in my case I've put my blog on there.

The website has been up and running since 2007 and is all arranged by university course but you can also search the site by genre. Sam messaged us who are involved which genre we think our work fits into out of:
- Documentary/photojournalism
- Commercial/fashion
- Landscape
- Portraiture
- Staged/constructed
- Urban/suburban

It was a a bit tricky because I didn't know where I fit into this. I chose staged/constructed because I thought thats where I felt I was. I felt that was what I was making. I don't want my work to seem staged and forced so now I'm unsure aha. 

A way to get our name out there is branding. Having a company name or logo. My branding is my nickname 'RebWells'. I don't know whether it was my eldest brother or my sister that originally called me Reb but it stuck ever since. I got 'RebWells' laser burnt into my portfolio box. Mostly cause it looks friggin cool and partially so I knew which was mine in a class full of people with portfolio boxes. If I take it to London (which I hope to) it will help with selling myself. If I get a million people digging my work and wanting to work with me, which is obviously gonna happen (duh) then it will make me look more professional. 
Even though I think I'm the least professional person alive.

Images for your viewing pleasure!
sommets gotta get me through this deadline
My last shoot was my Little Red Riding Hood shoot. I went to Thornes Park in Wakefield and found a red leaved tree (I'm not very good with tree types, if my sister had been there she'd have been able to tell me tsk) because of the symbolism of Little Red. For the first image I had the girl with her back to the camera so you could see the hood and hide the face. She is also holding the stereotypical Little Red basket. Looking back at it now I don't think she needed the basket. I think it's too obvious and might as well just have Little Red written on her forehead. Not that you can see her forehead, but you get the point! 
 I like the greens and the orangey reds of the tree and grass but I don't think the red of her jacket pops like it should do. It's not vibrant enough. I think it needed cropping more as well but then I obviously lost a lot of the detail. I wouldn't have minded that much but it's not in focus. It's just not good enough. And the rest of mine aren't pin sharp and they don't need to be but this one is crazy out of focus. Offended my eyes!
That's the first image at 100%. The only bit that is actually in focus is the leaves right at the top. 
The second image is then of the girl, face to the camera, with her hood down but a wolf hat on. She's holding a knife with blood dripping coming off of it. But because she's too far away you can't see the knife or blood. I also had to make the fake blood myself and well, that didn't go great. Never done that before. Learning curve and I learnt I'm not good at it ha. I really don't like that I had to reuse the wolf hat that I used in my 3 Little Pigs shoot. 
This series just isn't as strong as my other 5. I didn't feel comfortable displaying these at my exhibition because your work is as strong as your weakest image. I didn't want my work being brought down by these two images. 
I also didn't really have a meaning for these. There was no issues I was touching on, no personal problems I was trying to resolve. These two images just meant nothing to me. I think that's why the image quality and colours just didn't work. I wasn't involved enough. Not up to my standards.
I did have planned to call these two images 'Little Reb Riding Hood' Beginning and End. That was the only thing that made it personal to me.