Sunday, 13 April 2014

trying to write my report some more
but my head is POUNDING

it is super frustrating
canny do owt!!!!

need to send my selfie book off soon.
although I'm not calling it selfie
it might be called 'selfs' with a picture of me on the front
but not one from the book
a new unused one
where i would make the effort to look nice to entice people to buy it ;)

gonna cost me a bomb
went for the smallest book to try and keep costs down and because its only a side project it doesn't need to be HUGE but it's still gonna be expensive.

Me: "Dadddddd…"
Dad: "No."
Me: "I haven't even said owt yet!"
Dad: "You want money don't you?"
Me: "Well.. Yes"

this is how the conversation with my dad will go when i ask him to pay for my book. argh

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