Monday, 28 April 2014

trying to write a cv

man o live
what is this torture?! 
first day back at college
i'm here for less than an hour and i have migraine

these lights are out to get me

it's obvious

proving said point that snow white does not wear red

just seen one of my tutors for the first time since easter
he asked how my work was going
he then asked if i'd done more multiple exposure pictures
then asked if i'd reshot my snow white shoot cause my other tutor said that it shouldn't be a yellow coat
should be something more symbolic like red

snow white doesn't wear red
she wears a tiny bit of red, mostly blue and yellow and white

why would it be red?
little red wears red
if i started changing the colours up they'd all cross over

it's not like i've put them in the actual costumes on the films
i've made it modern and my own

you just cannot win with some people
you're never gonna please everyone

what they're wearing is not what my work is about
it's not fashion photography
it's much more than that

Sunday, 27 April 2014

'my toad in your hole' must be the best pick up line i've ever come up with
finished writing up my report on my typewriter! 
just need to do a cv for my appendix and get a printed copy spiral bound and i'm good to go 

:) 2 days before the deadline 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

may i add
that the pictures aren't super crisp
but thats because
if you screenshot a film
its never gonna be super focused
that's what i was going for
edited my 'Reb In Wonderland' shoot

think i'm happy with it

good work team

Friday, 25 April 2014


now just for a crazy amount of editing for 4 of the shoots and I'll be done 
(on that section anyway)

still need to
finish my evaluation of a photographers portfolio (chip simons)
write up my portfolio review with andy snaith (which wont take long at all because he didn't have a great deal to say)
write up how i will be getting my work published (london exhibition)
decide my 5 BIPP images to enter into the competition 
finish my business cards
design an invite?
type up my report on type writer (would have been todays job had i not forgotten my pesky laptop)
chop down a money tree to pay for my frames prints and accommodation 

easy peasy right?
to make fake blood
a knife
a white dress?
a red coat/hoodie
it to stop fucking raining
appropriate shoes
a forest

Monday, 21 April 2014

I got my word count down!!!
from 4438 words to 2748
well appy!

just need to type it up on my typewriter too
watching Haunting in Connecticut

already scared because of the creepy music 
and the person is walking into the basement

oink oink
growl growl

GoT episode three tonight 
oh my lordy lord!

d-dawg don't leave ussssssssss!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

dare ya

by RebWells

merry easter y'all
i didn't get an easter egg so I'm eating normal chocolate

great news!
my selfie book is finished
sending it off today
buy it or be cursed forever kay?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Friday, 18 April 2014

me dads glasses are grim
need a good washing thats for sure
no wonder he can't see shit

i wanna be as badass as Arya Stark
i used to be team stark before the red wedding
now i'm just floating around waiting for Arya to kill everyone in the 7 kingdoms

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

i've got 2091 words of my report written so far!
i'm actually really happy with myself
i know i should have done it time ago and stuff
but with my granddad and all
bit of a speed bump
but i think i'm back on it
until the funeral 
but one thing at a time
still got so much to write about!
gonna be a lot of cutting and sticking stuff into my appendix

i love my writing style
business card shananagins

Got my friends with me today

It's getting a bit too wild though
This orange juice is a bit strong for me

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

is it just me or does jack look like a drunk rat? 


just hanging wiv chrissy innit

i love love love how hideously unattractive we can look

after lots of messages went back and forth and nasty names got called
turns out the person who messaged about the walking boots was my sisters fella

ruined that a bit dint it :/
my sister uses my ebay right
and she's put some walking boots on to sell
and she just got the weirdest message 
(i get the emails as its my ebay)

can't even 

Monday, 14 April 2014

mothers put great gatsby on
dunt even like leo me
I fucking swear me mother doesn't realise i fucking live here
no you cannot have my nephews stay for a week because i live here
they cannot have my room because it is my fucking room

its not difficult is it

blue ribands are ma bests
gonna be so fat

Sunday, 13 April 2014

trying to write my report some more
but my head is POUNDING

it is super frustrating
canny do owt!!!!

need to send my selfie book off soon.
although I'm not calling it selfie
it might be called 'selfs' with a picture of me on the front
but not one from the book
a new unused one
where i would make the effort to look nice to entice people to buy it ;)

gonna cost me a bomb
went for the smallest book to try and keep costs down and because its only a side project it doesn't need to be HUGE but it's still gonna be expensive.

Me: "Dadddddd…"
Dad: "No."
Me: "I haven't even said owt yet!"
Dad: "You want money don't you?"
Me: "Well.. Yes"

this is how the conversation with my dad will go when i ask him to pay for my book. argh

(unused i swears it)

Don't wanna brag or nuffin

me n chippy boy are now Facebook friends
he is just crazy and uploads his work all the time
he's very funny

Saturday, 12 April 2014

naughty easter fun

me and my old flatmate jackjack are filming a video tonight 
called the 7 second challenge

so basically i need to write a list of about 7 things i want jack to do in 7 seconds and he's gonna write me a list of 7

he won't know my list and i won't know his until we're filming

1. drink of a full bottle of coke 
2. talk in an aussie accent 
3. change into a dress
4. do a full face of make up on yourself
5. name the 7 dwarves
6. do danis laugh
7. say the plot of all three lord of the rings'

Friday, 11 April 2014

also bella west emailed me back some feedback today so thats that section done!

I'm not doing a selfie today
today I'm uploading an image from 2008

this picture, although very old, is the most recent picture of me and my grandad
and it breaks my heart I'll never have another picture with him

I loved this holiday
I absolutely loved it
me and Steph did whatever we wanted to do and my grandad made us constantly bring him ice creams cause he just bloody digged em

that was the last time I went on holiday with him

he didn't have it too easy
crutches for most of his life
lost my granny to cancer
had cancer himself

yet he was still a happy chappy

R.I.P Grandad, miss you already

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Chip Simons is my new favourite person

given me feedback
and is having a full on email conversation with me

he's pretty crazy
and funny

and knows what his work is about which is nice

he's deep within his work
and it works

gonna try emailing bella west again

wish me luck
was rate looking forward to eating these oranges
then i played with mould and didn't dare :(

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

i have to go do a photoshoot
and email photographers
and do artist research 
and write a load of stuff up

because thats my degree

which is meant to be the most important thing right now

because i have an exhibition 

and a huge mountain of work
and i'm meant to be able to focus on all of this 
but i can't
because when you're told that your grandad only has a few days left
30 minutes before a big photoshoot 
theres only one thing you wanna do
which is cry
but i don't have time to even do that
because i have to be focused
and creative
and live up to the expectations

but its crazy cause i really just don't give a fucking fuck about anything now

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

so it turns out that i could have just type wrote on my playing cards all alone and i've been throwing money at people for stamps that don't work for no apparent reason

skinted myself for fuck all as usual
*prolonged sigh*

doing work in the car to uni today
that dedicated

or behind.. either way

Monday, 7 April 2014

helping chloe do a shoot
in-between writing more of my report

as you can see i'm being super helpful with my doctor gloves on

showed katrina and john my pics
they dig em

Sunday, 6 April 2014

GoT in 35 minutes and counting!!!!!!!!

we've got popcorn, nachos, chocolate, sweets, pancakes, lots and lots of pop and a shed load of excitement! 

although i'm very much looking forward to go to bed and maybe

with a little bit of luck

this migraine will have jogged on so i can have a bit of peace and get some chuffin work done

this report ain't gonna write its self now is it!?
really should do some work

but i deleted my old lara game so really i have to play a lot of it again

anniversary int hard so i'll be doing work in no time

chocolate for breakfast
and i wonder why i'm getting fat

oh it is a mystery

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Me and Magda are bros man

then i realised i pout too often, which upsets me
so i did this one too

much less pouty

Friday, 4 April 2014

Did a shoot t'other day
Edited it today (got lots of help)
And it's actually looking pretty freaky haha

This was a good idea even if it is a horrific amount of work!!

so jordan came round

Thursday, 3 April 2014

got my rebwells stamp today
and did a shoot

lotta photoshopping here i comeeeee

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

oh my god! i never win anything yayayayayayayayay

so i'm poor
and needed 6 images printing for my portfolio
so i had to take money out of the paypal account to afford it
and it took me ages to figure out how to do it cause i can't use paypal for shit right
so then i get a bus to town to meet up with chloe
to come to uni to get the images printed
and what have i done?
why would i be writing this on my blog? 
because i fucking forgot my fucking files that needed fucking printing

why can't i just fucking remember something as simple as 6 files
i concentrated too hard on remembering the money and forgot the most important piece

cause i'm a fucking moron
with a really bad headache

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

good work everyone
good effort
i'll take us all for tea tonight
whenever you want
you guys pick
don't worry about the money
i'm rolling in it

it's all lies
i don't have guys
or a team i mean
and i'm horrifically poor
and i'm losing my mind
i have an ikea bowl on my head for christ sake