Wednesday, 12 March 2014

It's quite very scary
The thought that my degree finishes in May
I have to figure some stuff out

What am I gonna do?

I need to get a job
I'm struggling to live off working one day a week now
And I've received some (STILL NOT ALL THE INCOMPETENT FOOLS) of my student loan

I need to think good n proper about the type of job I want
I think it's apparent photography isn't my strong point
I need something arty of course still, just, what?

I'll need to write a new CV
Something nice to look at but still informative

Of course

I need to write my artist statement as well
For the exhibition

Not that I know what I'm chuffin exhibiting
I'm panicing
I can't seem to think of anything clever
Do I want the masks in context? 
Or do I put them in a situation you wouldn't usually see them in?

I need to use this gas mask soon
I think Sam wants it back
Had it for ages now

But I don't want my pictures to look like everyone elses
I have the studio next Tuesday again, hopefully my migraine will be tame like today so I can actually get stuff done
Just want some close ups of the masks so I have something a bit better than them just in my bedroom with naff lighting and selfie style.

I played about with my business cards today
I must typewrite about that soon
Tomorrow if I remember
I need more ink and stamps really
And one of those stamps that you put the letters in so I can put all my details on
Then they'll start to look like real business cards
I'm a little worried though, the ink on them doesn't set very well
One still smudged after I left them for hours
Might have to hairdry them for security

I think for E&A I might do it a blog/diary style thing
That seems to be what I'm best at
What I'm more comfortable with
What I'm used to

Still don't know how I'm going to display it though
Was thinking of projecting onto the body but that's been done too many times
Then I was thinking of getting those creepy white masks and writing it all on those
Then I thought writing it onto a face 
I'd rather my own face but I wouldn't be able to write on that without cocking up constantly
I could photograph the face them and have a grid of images of the face with the words written on
That's my favourite idea so far
Time consuming

Not really in a blog/diary style of presenting
But rules are meant to be broken

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