Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"Hi Rebecca,

I got confused because I know someone else called Rebecca Wells - except I couldn't quite remember who she was; I think was a student on our course. I have such a dreadful memory for names. But that's not you. You're a different Rebecca Wells. And I do remember you and all your books.

It was a pleasure to see your work. The dolls are strange and unsettling - just as they should be. The photography and lighting is impressive; you get real depth into your pictures. Dolls are interesting characters to carry a narrative, because they don't really do anything and their expression remains the same. But with clever photography and lighting you can suggest different moods and expressions. 

Keep up the good work.



This is my feedback I got from my last module by Graham Rawle. 
He was so nice, I always come back and look at it.

"Keep up the good work"

If he thinks I'm decent, maybe I can do this

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